Wife is Outrageous 113

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113. Desperately

There were at least over thirty vengeful ghosts here with completely black bodies, and each and every one of them was as skinny as skeletons.

Their entire bodies were enveloped in black smoke, and they had a pair of frightening red eyes.

Baring fangs and claws, they pounced over!

Even though Qi Luoer had studied ghost capturing techniques, she still hadn’t really used them in actual combat.

And now, after seeing so many evil ghosts pouncing at her with the intent to tear her to pieces, her heart couldn’t help but bounce out of control.

But at this moment, since the arrow had already left its bow, she couldn’t not attack.

As she silently chanted, the Peachwood Sword in her hand suddenly released a faint purple light.

With eyes on a vengeful ghost in front of her, she casually waved once, and simply with a poof sound, as though she had hit leather, that vengeful ghost screeched and turned into a lump of black smoke.

Eh, it’s not that complex, huh!

Upon exterminating a vengeful ghost in one move, Qi Luoer’s courage was bolstered.

With the Peachwood Sword in hand, she waved repeatedly, and each move she executed would scatter a vengeful ghost into black smoke.

Her movement skills were originally not low. Since she had eaten a few Cloud Fruits and cultivated some skills, she was much more lithe than before.

She flew within the cluster of vengeful ghosts and the poofing sounds became incessant.

In the blink of an eye, she had exterminated half of the thirty or so vengeful ghosts.

Even though the vengeful ghosts had lessened by a lot, the black smoke had become even more denser than before.

And the rest of the vengeful ghosts had become even more desperate in attacking her!

That black smoke had a sort of strange pungent smell. Being choked by it, Qi Luoer coughed repeatedly.

In a moment of carelessness, her shoulder had been latched onto by a vengeful ghost.

With a ripping sound, the clothes on her shoulder were torn apart.

Qi Luoer only felt a gust of cold air piercing through her shoulder. Her entire left armed seemed to have been frozen still and could no longer move.

She was dumbstruck. The Peachwood Sword in her right hand desperately swung, directly piercing through the vengeful ghost on her body.

Poof! A round hole appeared on the body of the vengeful ghost, but it didn’t disperse into black smoke.

What’s going on? Was this the upgraded vengeful ghost—a tormented spirit?

When an additional huge hole appeared on that tormented spirit’s body, it suddenly grew bigger than its original size. Its eyes became even more blood-red as it screeched and pounced even more crazily at her!

Black wind assaulted her front. The surrounding temperature seemed to have declined by twenty degrees, causing Qi Luoer to shiver.

But at this time, countless sharp claws lunged at her. She had no time to think anymore as she desperately did her best.

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