Wife is Outrageous 114

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114. Rabbits will bite people when anxious

After evading the tormented spirit’s grab from the air, she took the opportunity to kill four or five more vengeful ghosts.

The black smoke those four or five vengeful ghosts had turned into was incomparably thick, like ink, and floated beneath the other vengeful ghosts.

Hearing a few more screeches, the bodies of three more vengeful ghosts suddenly erupted as the light in their eyes became a demonical red.

—They’ve evolved into tormented spirits!

Qi Luoer’s became extremely anxious.

Vengeful ghosts were easy to eliminate, but these tormented spirits were ridiculously troublesome. Time was tight, yet three more had appeared!

What should she do?

Bai Li’s voice suddenly came from afar, “So what Instructor Li had said was true. Vengeful ghosts have to be helped to find peace. If they are randomly exterminated, they will be become tormented spirits…”

These words were enlightening wisdom and Qi Luoer instantly understood.

She couldn’t help but yell at herself for being dumb, to have forgotten such an important thing like that!

As she waved the Peachwood Sword, she retreated from the approaching tormented spirit.

Reaching out to her bosom, she took out a few green talismans, chanted a spell, and threw it in the air.

The few talismans incessantly spun and then instantly linked together to become a green barrier, confining all the remaining tormented spirits and vengeful ghosts inside.

“Whoa, Little Luoer, your techniques are not too shabby! You actually controlled eight talismans! Haha. It’s like the saying ‘rabbits will bite people when anxious,’ and Little Luoer will release talismans when anxious…

Hearing this, black lines appeared on Qi Luoer’s head. What the hell was she saying?!

This Bai Li still has the energy to say nonsense!

Ignoring Bai Li, she hurriedly chanted the spell.

Those eight talismans spun even faster and emitted waves of golden light.

The radiance landed on the bodies of those vengeful ghosts and then scattered the black smoke surrounding them.

The originally pitch black bodies slowly became transparent, then changed into an ash-white spirit that gently swayed in the air…

Since the four tormented spirits had extremely resentful energy, they seemed to be resisting the purification as they did their best to attack the barrier formed by the eight talismans.

Since Qi Luoer’s skills weren’t high, the barrier wasn’t firm enough, and it continuously trembled under the assault of the tormented spirits…

This barrier was closely related to the person who casted the enchantment. Every time they attacked the barrier, it was as though Qi Luoer had received an attack. A trail of blood had already formed at the corner of her mouth.

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