Wife is Outrageous 112

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112. Losing means death!

The pig-headed one stated, “I want to see if you guys have some skill, if you guys are enough of an asset to make us release so many people. Do you dare compete with us?”

Qi Luoer coldly laughed, “You’re still a small-time boss of the demon world while I’m a low-class nobody who hasn’t even entered the doors of the Purple Cloud Clan. Aren’t you worried about lowering your status by competing against me?”

The pig-headed person paused, then said somewhat embarrassedly, “I’ll have others compete against you.”

He said toward a horse-faced person, “You go up against her.”

The horse-faced person agreed, then walked up. “In the demon world, I’m also a nobody. I’ll fight you.”

“Do you want to compete with our literary skills or our martial ones?” Qi Luoer asked.

That horse-faced person’s face lengthened: “What are literary skills? And marital?”

Qi Luoer secretly let loose a sigh of relief in her heart.

So these demon sect people were pretty much the same as outlaws, afraid of losing face…

She immediately thought up a plan in her heart, laughed, and then straightened up like Wei Xiaobao. “A literary competition is you hitting me three times, then me hitting you three times. We do this until someone falls. When I hit you, you can’t dodge it and can only hope your luck is good. It’s the same when you hit me. A martial competition is more simple. Weapons or fighting barehanded are all alright. Of course, we can dodge, block, jump and move.”

The horse-faced person knitted his brows. “We are fighting as celestials and demons, how can we possibly fight the way common folk do? We should be competing with celestial arts and techniques…”

Qi Luoer said with curled lips, “I’m a disciple that hasn’t even entered Purple Cloud Clan, so I haven’t really learned any celestial arts or techniques. I only learned techniques used to draw talismans that can capture ghosts. How can I compete against you?”

The horse-faced person snorted, “Then it’ll depend on how good you are at drawing talismans!”

With a wave of his hand, the surroundings filled with an endless amount of black smoke. Within it, innumerable vengeful ghosts howled as they slowly approached Qi Luoer.

The horse-faced person’s voice came from within the black smoke, “Within the time it takes to burn an incense, if you are able to completely eliminate all these vengeful ghosts, it’ll be your win. If not, it’ll be your loss. Our sect master is not interested in the flesh of useless people, so if you lose, there’s no need for me to let you live…”

Completely eliminate?!

Qi Luoer looked at the incoming vengeful ghosts, and a huge sweat drop dripped from the back of her head.

There were at least over thirty vengeful ghosts here with completely black bodies, and each and every one of them was as skinny as skeletons.

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