ENL – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – What Ridiculous Fiancé?

“My lady, I think that Young Master Lei has perhaps been expecting us for a long time. Coming to Ji City this time, my lady can very quickly meet up with Young Master Lei.” The muscular man pretended to be excited as he looked at Ji Fengyan.

However, Ji Fengyan’s face was entirely relaxed.

She was very clear that this Young Master Lei the muscular man spoke of meant Lei Min.

Regarding Lei Min, this body’s original owner still had a lot of “happy” memories. It could be said that in the dark and cold memories of the Ji Clan, Lei Min’s arrival was like a ray of sunlight, brightening the original owner’s life. Towards this “Big Brother Lei Min”, that looked quite handsome, the original owner was full of yearning. Lei Min was also gentle and polite towards her.

The memories of Lei Min could be said to be the happiest memories the original owner had while staying at the Ji Clan.


As a pure observer, Ji Fengyan didn’t have any good opinions about this “handsome and kind” Big Brother Lei Min in the original owner’s memories.

Seeing Ji Fengyan not saying anything, the muscular man let the guards go forward to make the announcement.

When those two lazy city guards received the news, their faces weren’t the slightest bit nervous or serious, instead they used an unhidden prying gaze to sweep over Ji Fengyan’s body. On the other side, they also measured the dishevelled appearance of those guards, their eyes flashing with scorn. In the end, they carelessly stood up and lackadaisically said, “We’ve been briefed by the City Lord. You guys can just follow us”

That tone of voice had an indescribable disrespect.

There was no welcome, even to the extent that Lei Xu himself didn’t come out. Just these two lazy guards were to bring Ji Fengyan into the city.

Today was Ji Fengyan’s first day of taking office in Ji City. This Lei Xu not only didn’t have any preparation, he still unexpectedly planned to do things this casually?

“Where is Lei Xu? Why has he not come out to receive us?” The muscular man’s face immediately sank.

Those two guards weren’t the least bit panicked. They just looked at the muscular man’s extremely dirty clothes., speaking without the slightest fluctuations, “An important guest from the Imperial Family has arrived in the city today. Our City Lord naturally must personally go receive them. Do you really think that the City Lord would leave the person from the Imperial Family alone to come over and receive you guys? Your face isn’t small.”

“You!” When the muscular man heard those guards’ capricious words, he almost couldn’t resist. His hands were itching to take his heavy sword and split these two insolent dogs in half.

“Okay, enough. If you aren’t satisfied, then you can take it up with our distinguished guest. What need is there to make things difficult for us? You want to enter, then enter. If not, just slowly wait. Who knows? If you wait until the City Lord is finished tending to our distinguished guest, maybe he’ll come over in his free time.” One guard laughed hypocritically.

While they were being sarcastically mocked by those guards, two beautiful and charming women suddenly walked out from Ji City. One was dressed in pink, the other in blue, and both had delicate faces. Next to those shambles of a city gate, they were very eye-catching. The two didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving the city, only standing at the gates. They watched Ji Fengyan, who wasn’t that far away outside, sweeping their scrutinizing gazes over her body several times. Those eyes were capable of making a person really uncomfortable.

The muscular man was irritated at the guards lack of manners, basically not even noticing the arrival of those two women. Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan felt slightly unhappy at being looked at by those sharp eyes. With raised brows, she glanced towards those two women. What she saw, immediately made Ji Fengyan laugh.

These two women were Lei Min’s maids. In the Imperial Capital, they would occasionally follow at Lei Min’s side. As such, the original owner had seen them a couple of time.

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