ENL – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – A Single Coin Daunts the Heroic Man

The muscular man had said before that Lei Min was looking forward to her arrival. However, seeing things now, Ji Fengyan didn’t feel that positive.

When these two maids looked at her, their gazes were so sharp that it almost could have peeled off a layer of her skin.

On the outside, the muscular man was still having a dispute with the two guards. Inside the city, those two maids seemed as if they had already finished their assessment. Without a word, they directly walked away.

“My lady, How about we keep waiting? Lei Xu can’t come because he’s busy, but Young Master Lei, he-“ The muscular man hadn’t finished speaking before Ji Fengyan abruptly laughed.

“There’s no need for it to be that problematic. We’ll have to trouble these two big brothers to lead us into the city.” Ji Fengyan brightly smiled as she walked towards the front and spoke amicably.

Lei Min?

She reckoned even if she waited until her bones turned into dust, that fellow still wouldn’t come out.

The muscular man was a little shocked. He still wanted to say something, but looking at Ji Fengyan’s brightly smiling face, he remained silent in the end.

When the two guards saw that Ji Fengyan was so “sensible”, they immediately nodded their head in a satisfied manner and lead Ji Fengyan’s party into the city.

Ji City wasn’t big. While being lead by the guards, Ji Fengyan’s group didn’t have to walk very far before arriving at their destination. However, outside of that large ruined door, every guard at Ji Fengyan’s side all felt their hearts completely dropping to an all-time low.

“Today, the City Lord’s Residence has been used to host our distinguished guest. The City Lord has also said that because Ji City is too small and without much in terms financial resources, we can only inconvenience the new City Lord to temporarily live here for a time.” The two guards spoke politely, but before Ji Fengyan’s party had said anything, they just left without being excused.

After those two guards left, the travel-worn guards were long ago already smothered until their eyes turned red.

“What are you all waiting her for? Quickly enter the house.” Ji Fengyan’s face still had a light and unrestrained smile on it.

Looking at the smile on Ji Fengyan’s face, the guards lowered their heads. All of their hearts felt bitter, the same as if it had been filled with acrid water.

No happiness at moving to another place. Not the least bit of jumping for joy. Every guard was stifled as they enter that ruined courtyard house. The old large door let out a squeak as it was pushed open. Every step on the floor stirred up clouds of dust. Inside, the courtyard house was a scene of dilapidation. There were collapsed columns as well as moss and weeds growing in the seem between each stone. That front yard interwoven with spider webs made anyone who saw it feel an ache in their hearts.

“My lady, you can go rest first. We’ll clean up this place.” The muscular man took several deep breaths.


Ji Fengyan casually seated herself on those stone steps off to the side. She waved a hand saying, ”Don’t be so impatient. Oh yeah, I still don’t know what your name is.”

The muscular man was slightly shocked. Feeling a little uncomfortable, he scratched his head and said, “Your subordinate’s name is Ling He.”

“Then it’s not a problem if I call you Big Brother He, right?” Ji Fengyan spoke while smiling. ? She really liked this character!

His dignified face reddening, Ling He only nodded his head without saying anything.

“Big Brother He, do we have any money on hand?” Ji Fengyan abruptly asked.

Ling He stiffened. Immediately, the flush on his face faded and was replaced by a slightly embarrassed expression. When Ji Fengyan’s father had died, His Majesty had once commanded someone to send quite a lot of gold coins along with the Life Annihilation Armour to her. However, she didn’t receive even one coin from the money sent. All of it was taken by the Ji Clan.

On the road, all expenses were payed by Ling He and the guards desperately gathering all of the money they had. While travelling, all it was completely spent early on. Right now, they… didn’t even have one coin left on them.

Once again, Ling He blushed red. His face almost turned into the colour of a pig’s liver.

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