ENL – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Cloudy Winds in Ji City

Even though the scenery in Ji City was excellent, it was too remote. There were few people that went there. Those originally solemn city walls, since long ago, were already blotted. Light green moss completely covered a section and the cracks between bricks was teeming with weeds.

The muscular man slightly frowned, “This is Ji City?”

Even though they had heard about the remoteness of Ji City before, but they never thought that it would have unexpectedly declined to this state. Just thinking about how their young lady would have to take on the position of city lord in a city like this, the guards could feel their livers hurt.

“This place isn’t bad,” Ji Fengyan’s voice abruptly entered the guards ears.

Before, those guards had been speaking up for Ji Fengyan. Now, looking at how she poked her head out from the carriage with a smile in her eyes as she gazed that the dilapidated Ji City, they suddenly felt a bit discombobulated.

“N-not bad?” The muscular man’s lips twitched. This tiny city that was both old and poor, how was it not bad?

“Clear waters and flowing hills are definitely suitable. The name is also pretty good. It’s called Ji City and I’m called Ji Fengyan, isn’t this just perfect?” Ji Fengyan was quite satisfied with the Ji City in front of her. Immortal cultivators were required to attune themselves with nature. Only by absorbing the essence of heaven and earth could one increase the purity of their power.

On the road, Ji Fengyan had already checked her Inner Core. The Inner Core was the foundation of an immortal cultivator, as all of their power came from it. While Ji Fengyan underwent the tribulation, her Inner Core was extremely powerful. However, after her rebirth, she tragically found out that her perfectly fine Inner Core was unexpectedly shattered by lighting during the tribulation!

This was why her first Five Lightning’s Bombardment Talisman couldn’t completely instant kill those scum.

Right now, Ji Fengyan urgently needed to repair her Inner Core. Otherwise, not to even mention of becoming an immortal, she reckoned that all of her body’s strength would pretty much completely disperse.

Ji Fengyan truly felt that this Ji City’s environment was very suitable for cultivation. However, the guards had completely different thoughts. They all used pitying eyes to gaze at Ji Fengyan, looking like they would quickly cry.

In the end, how much pain had their young lady suffered?

She clearly came from the flourishing Imperial Capital, but still felt that this Ji City was good? One could just imagine how miserable the young lady’s days were in the imperial capital.

Every guard felt sad for Ji Fengyan’s “past”.

Facing everyone’s “caring and sympathetic” gazes, Ji Fengyan was completely muddled. If she wasn’t aware that these people didn’t know about her Inner Core being shattered, she would have truly thought that they were grieving for it.

“Okay, enough. Quickly notify the previous City Lord. The documents should have already arrived. Just directly tell him it’s fine if he just completes the transfer of authority.” The muscular leader cleared his throat and said solemnly. Secretly, he wiped away the tears of sadness at the corner of his eyes.

“Boss, I head that this Ji City’s original City Lord is from the Lei Clan. The Lei Clan is connected to the young lady’s clan by marriage. Perhaps the situation isn’t as terrible as we thought,” a guard to the side spoke.

The Lei Clan was also a clan that had a Life Annihilation Armour. Right now, the one who managed Ji City was called Lei Xu, a branch member of the Lei Clan. Soon after Ji Fengyan was born, the Lei Clan’s clan master had a discussion with the Ji Clan’s clan master. They betrothed Ji Fengyan to Lei Min , Lei Xu’s son of twenty years. Lei Min early on was raised by the Lei Clan that, like the Ji Clan, resided in the Imperial Capital. When he was young, he spent a period of time with Ji Fengyan,. It was only five years ago that Lei Min left for Ji City.

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Translator’s Note:
The title is a pun on Ji Fengyan’s name. In Chinese it’s 季城风烟, which would literally translate into Ji City Fengyan. The definition of Fengyan combined is somewhat difficult to explain as it has several meanings, but the context used here is that there’s trouble ahead, so I used “cloudy winds”.

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