ENL – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Facing a Beauty, Absolutely Must Help!

“Let’s save him first!” To cover up her own guilt, Ji Fengyan quickly bent down and lifted the child up.

The result of lifting him up left Ji Fengyan dumbfounded.

He was an unreasonably pretty young man. Even if his face was covered with dust, it still couldn’t hide his perfectly exquisite facial features in the least. That originally fair and unmarred face, was deathly pale because of blood loss. Despite being unconscious, his furrowed brows showed how much pain he was in at the moment.

In her previous world, Ji Fengyan had seen a lot of good looking young shotas, but had never seen one that looked this good. Compared to this young man, those little fresh pieces of meat in her previous world would quickly be crushed into ashes. Just from his current appearance, if this young man grew up, he would be devastatingly beautiful. A freak that could ruin countries and wreck havoc amongst the populace!

Ji Fengyan had cultivated towards immortality with all her heart. Normally, what she liked the most was things that appeared to especially have an immortal air. It didn’t matter whether it was an object or a person… This little demon in front of her clearly poked at Ji Fengyan’s cute immortal heart.

Perhaps a boy from an immortal family would at the most look like this.

“Uhh, first bring that guy onto the carriage. When we reach the city, we’ll treat him,” Ji Fengyan immediately said as she recovered.

Right now, the guards accepted all of Ji Fengyan’s orders without question. They didn’t hesitate the slightest, directly lifting that unconscious little demon onto the horse carriage.

Ji Fengyan followed them onto the carriage and looked at that deeply slumbering little fellow. Her eyes had several traces of guilt. Suddenly, she thought of how she crossed over here. Although she didn’t know whether the spatial Soul Jade her master gave her that year was there there, she unconsciously closed her eyes and began searching in the depths of her soul. After a short amount of time, she found that the Spatial Soul Jade which was contracted to her soul was unexpectedly still there. Ji Fengyan instantly perked up.

The Spatial Soul Jade was a type of spatial storage that immortal cultivators used. Any object could be placed in it. Only, in the twenty-fourth century, it was a time where immortal cultivators were sparse. The amount of these Spatial Soul Jades were smaller than small. Even the one that Ji Fengyan had was passed down from the time of her ancestral master. Of course, the inside would have no lack of good things.

Immediately, Ji Fengyan started searching the Spatial Soul Jade for life-saving medicinal pills. That young man was affected by her Five Lightning’s Bombardment; the devil knew whether or not this world’s doctors could save him!

As Ji Fengyan searched the Spatial Soul Jade with closed eyes, she didn’t notice that the young man lying to the side slowly opened his eyes. They were still full of pain and remained half-lidded. As his gaze traced over Ji Fengyan’s exquisite face, his brows suddenly wrinkled. A vicious light that didn’t belong to someone at that age flashed in the depths of those eyes. However, in the next second, he once again fell into unconsciousness…

All of this basically went undiscovered by Ji Fengyan.

Ji City was situated to the east edge of the Thunderflare Empire. Built next to a mountain, it was surrounded with water and had a charming landscape. In the Thunderflare Empire, Ji City could only be counted as a remote and small city. Its borders weren’t that much bigger than a village. There were also few commoners in Ji City, as only one road connected to the city and it had an economy that would rank close to last. Although Ji City’s surroundings had no lack of mountain ranges, it wasn’t rich in resources. The only yields were originally rare and scarce ores, but every year the amount produced was limited. It still wasn’t enough to attract a large amount of businessmen.

Slowly, Ji Fengyan’s horse carriage arrived outside of Ji City. The muscular leader raised his eyes and looked at the nearby city gate. Outside of the gate, two lazy guards sat against the city wall. They completely didn’t have the slightest appearance a soldier should have.

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