ENL – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Being Caught

“It’s getting a bit late and little Liu Huo will have to take his medicine later. Come, send off our guests.” Ji Fengyan wasn’t the slightest bit polite as she ordered for them to be shown out the door.

Lei Min and Lei Xu had never been so openly ordered to leave in their entire lives. Both of their faces became slightly ashen.

Lifting his hand, Lei Min pointed at Ji Fengyan, “Ji Fengyan! You really want to break off the engagement with me for this stray kid?”

Ji Fengyan lightly raised her brows. Her delicate hands played around with the young teenager’s face. When Lei Min saw her unambiguous movement, the veins at his temples almost blew up.

“Stray kid? Lei Min, you need to look clearly. My Liu Huo bears the fairness of flowers and is as beautiful as the moon. In this world, how many men can compare with him?

Lei Min almost spat out a mouthful of blood. This was the first time he was aware that the bony little girl before his eyes was actually such a person who “loved and wanted beauty”!


Just in terms of facial features alone, although that young teenager lying on the bed was deathly pale and had a pained expression, he could still fling off Lei Min by a few streets. Even Lei Min, who took pride of his appearance, would look unusually normal while standing in front of this boy.

“Count it as you being ruthless enough! Ji Fengyan! Don’t regret this! “His embarrassment turning into anger, Lei Min flicked his sleeves and left. Lei Xu also followed with tightly furrowed brows. Before Su Lingsheng left, she gave a deep glance at Ji Fengyan who still had a “tender” expression.

The two guards that stood at the entrance watched with widely opened eyes as their young lady angered the three into leaving with several words. They still hadn’t reacted after being dazed for half a day.

“Oh my, they couldn’t take it anymore? Their fighting strength is a little bit too weak.” Ji Fengyan watched the backs of those three figures leaving, shaking her head in disapproval. Those fingers used in her acting indiscernibly rubbed the little shota’s face. That soft and tender sensation really made one never feel tired of touching.

As those two guards was thinking of complimenting their young lady for her intelligence, they abruptly settled down.

Ji Fengyan didn’t sense it at all. Originally, she planned on taking advantage of while that little shota was sound asleep to pinch his little face a few more time, but suddenly she felt that something was a bit off. Unconsciously, she lowered her head.

A pair of eyes filled with smiles shockingly clashed against a pair of chillingly cold and sharp eyes.

**** me!

When did this guy wake up?!

With lightly furrowed brows, he used a pair of deep and sharp eyes to stare at her. The smile on Ji Fengyan’s face instantly stiffened. She looked at that young teenager who woke up at an unknown time with her hand still resting on his soft cheek.

This… will be awkward…

“You’re awake?” Ji Fengyan reacted extremely quickly. That unscrupulous finger pushed, directly changing into a palm that rested on the young teenager’s forehead, pretending to have a serious appearance.


Those eyes that the young teenager looked at Ji Fengyan with didn’t change in the slightest.

“Who are you?” He suddenly asked, his voice carrying a cold and emotionless tone.

He was obviously a mid-sized child, with his voice also being a bit immature. However, for some reason, his tone carried with it a pressure that didn’t belong to someone at his age. It was just like his eyes.

Ji Fengyan became slightly dazed, but quickly shook it off and said, “I’m Ji Fengyan. Before, I saw you falling onto the ground, so I just conveniently brought you along.”

The guards that stood at the entrance secretly praised their young lady’s capability at lying through her teeth.

It was clearly her losing control and striking this kid half dead. But, from how she spoke, it became her mercifully saving him…

Why had they never discovered that their young lady’s capability at fooling people was so fierce?

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

    “Oh my, they couldn’t take it anymore? Their fighting strength is a little bit too weak.” Ji Fengyan watched the backs of those three figures leaving, shaking her as she patiently waited for the next chapter.
    Honestly, im already laughing cuz of how MC uses the pretty boy to drive away the father and son duo-or more like trio. But the last sentence takes the cake XD

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