ENL – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – This Young Master Doesn’t Lack Pretty Men

Ji Fengyan: “…….”

Lei Min looked towards her and coldly laughed, “Ji Fengyan, it was my mistake. You lived so wretchedly in the Ji Clan that year, so I pitied the you who had no one else to depend on. I made daily visits, thinking of letting the Ji Clan treat you better based on our relationship. Never had I thought… In the few years we were apart, you unexpectedly changed like this.”

Ji Fengyan: “……”

This scum of a man’s capabilities at self-praise were truly matchless.

On the bed, that young teenager’s brows were tightly furrowed. The pain agitated his slumber, his gruff pants resounding in that quiet room, intertwining with the mixed expressions of Lei Min’s group.

As Su Lingsheng looked at Ji Fengyan, her expression had a trace of disgust.

Who would have thought? Such an ugly little girl with full awareness of being engaged, unexpectedly shared a room with another man. This type of promiscuity would’ve been held in contempt by anyone.

The depths of Lei Xu’s eyes flashed with a slight smile. On his face, that gloomy expression disappeared, replaced by a tolerant and warm smile, ”Ah, Fengyan. In this situation, you really were a bit excessive. However, your Uncle Lei isn’t a conscientious and unforgiving person. Based on your young age, we’ll pretend we never knew of this matter. It won’t affect the marriage between you and Min’er”

In an instant, Ji Fengyan had become a scum of a woman that was “freely available to all”. The disgust of Lei Min, the “magnanimity” of Lei Xu, all of it completely made her speechless. Outside the door, those two guards were angered to the point where their bodies tremble after seeing the Lei father and son family vilifying Ji Fengyan. There were several time where they wanted to step forward and clearly explain the situation, but were stopped after being secretly hinted at by Ji Fengyan’s gaze.

A smile suddenly appeared on Ji Fengyan’s little face. She wasn’t the slightest bit angry when facing the slander from this Lei father and son family. Instead, she turned her gaze, completely ignoring those two human dregs’ “magnanimity”. Planting her butt on the side of the bed, she tenderly stretched out her hand and smoothed out that young teenager’s tightly knit brows

“Since you guys and Uncle Lei found out, then there’s no need for me to hide it anymore. Liu Huo received some injuries and needs to rest right now. I hope that you guys and Uncle Lei won’t continue to disturb us, okay?” With her eyes full of tenderness, Ji Fengyan swept her gaze over the unconscious young teenager. After, she lifted her head and the tenderness in those eyes instantly turned into repulsion.

Lei Xu and Lei Min were stupefied. Even an idiot would be able to tell that Ji Fengyan and the young teenager laying on that bed didn’t have a common relationship.

Before, Lei Min only guessed. He never thought… Ji Fengyan would actually be this shameless and admit it!

“Ji Fengyan! Do you still even remember the engagement between us?!” A sudden scorching fury began to burn in Lei Min’s chest. He never thought that he would be treated in such a way by this ugly woman,

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulder casually, “Didn’t you also just say that this engagement was mostly said as a joke? Right now you have Su Lingsheng, this beauty staying together with you, and I also have little Liu Huo staying at my side. This is a perfect opportunity to explain things clearly and honestly.”

“You!” Lei Min glared at the fearless Ji Fengyan. Even if he was beaten to death, he still wouldn’t have thought that she would actually become like this.

That lowly little girl full of worship and love for him in the Ji Clan, seemed to have vanished into thin air right now.

“It’s getting a bit late and little Liu Huo will have to take his medicine later. Come, send off our guests.” Ji Fengyan wasn’t the slightest bit polite as she ordered for them to be shown out the door.

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