ENL – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Be Obedient and Keep Sleeping!

That young teenager kept staring at Ji Fengyan. There wasn’t the slightest bit of movement nor emotion in his eyes.

“That… The wounds on your body still hasn’t healed, it would be better to continue to rest.” Ji Fengyan slightly cleared her throat as she kept on cheerfully smiling. If it wasn’t for her own age not being too old, that tone would have sound like a bizarre auntie abducting an ignorant little shota.

Abruptly, the young teenager spoke.

“My name isn’t Liu Huo.”

Ji Fengyan felt oblivious.

In the end, how much did this kid hear?!

The young teenager furrowed his brows. He was just preparing to say something else, but right when he opened his mouth, Ji Fengyan suddenly bit open her finger. With extreme speed, she used the blood oozing out from her fingertip to draw a strange glyph on the teenager’s forehead.

After the last stroke, the teenager’s expression slightly stiffened. Those eyes widened a bit with a trace of astonishment. However, in the next second, his eyes abruptly slid shut and he stiffly fell back onto the bed. It was as if he fell asleep again.

Inside the room, a bloody smell started to spread. As Ji Fengyan looked at the young teenager who once again fell into unconsciousness, she let out a breath.

Both guards outside the door were completely stupefied.

Their young lady’s blood… truly has power?!

Did the young lady want to… kill the witness to keep his mouth shut?

Ji Fengyan didn’t have the slightest bit of knowledge that the rumours of her own blood having power had already spread amongst the guards. Just a moment ago, she had acted instinctively but in reality… She had absolutely no idea about how to face a beautiful young teenager that she had sexually harassed… So… Since she had no idea, she just used a Sleeping Rune to directly make him continue sleeping!

Looking at the unconscious teenager, Ji Fengyan immediately stood up. Seeing those two already dumbfounded guards standing at the door, she cleared her throat with a bit of guilt. Avoiding eye-contact, Ji Fengyan walked out of the room.

After she had left, those two guards then secretly and sneakily went into the room, checking on that teenager. When they found out he was still breathing, they finally relaxed.

Going from the back courtyard to the front, Ji Fengyan took a seat in the great hall, her eyes sweeping over those guards that were either sitting or standing. These people were thirty to forty strong when they first set out from the Imperial Capital, but now they had less than half of their numbers due to the ambush from before. As of this moment, there were only a dozen or so remaining and all of them were wounded, a few even had heavy injuries.

There was a light bloody scent permeating the dilapidated courtyard.

It was only after nightfall that Ling He and the few guards he left with came back. Each of them brought the packages they carried with them in front of Ji Fengyan, placing all of it down.

“My lady, the herbs you wanted could not be completely supplied by the shops around here, so we could only bring the ones we found.” Ling He reported.

Ji City wasn’t big and there weren’t that many medicinal shops. They had to travel around the entire city just to obtain these.

Returning to reality, Ji Fengyan directly moved closer and began opening each package. Inside, it was filled with medicinal herbs that gave off a bitter scent. There were no major difference between the ones here and the ones in her previous world. As for the few medicinal herbs she was missing, they weren’t that important.

Now, Ji Fengyan’s heart finally released its tension.

“Well done. Move all of these to the back courtyard,” Ji Fengyan waved her hand.

Ling He became dazed. These medicinal herbs didn’t look like they were worth much, but half of their gold was spent on them!

“My lady, what are you planning on doing?”

Ji Fengyan’s eyebrows tilted upwards, “Refine pills!”

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