ENL – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Trouble at the Door

Ji Fengyan looked at Ling He’s “bashful” expression and quickly understood. She silently shuffled about in the Spatial Soul Jade, taking out a sparkling gold bar with a swish of her hands.

When Ji Fengyan brought that gold bar in front of Ling He, his eyes almost popped out.

**** me!

Their young lady unexpectedly had gold on her!

To Ling He and the others who were so poor that they almost had to nibble on tree bark, that shimmering gold bar in Ji Fengyan’s hand was simply like a dream.

“My lady… Your gold… Where…“ Ling He swallowed his saliva.

Turning her eyes, Ji Fengyan laughed, “You don’t need to ask too much about this. Just take it.”

That gold bar was left behind by her ancestral master. Ji Fengyan also didn’t know whether gold could be used in this world, but looking at Ling He’s reaction, there probably shouldn’t be any problems.

“This-this much… Your subordinate doesn’t dare…” Ling He’s hands almost trembled.

“Take it first. Later, go out and buy a few things that we can use and bring back some food for us to eat. Oh yeah, I also have a list here. While you’re in the city, check if there’s a shop selling herbs around and see if you can buy any of this.” Ji Fengyan handed the list she wrote while on the horse carriage to Ling He. Those herbs she wrote down were according to her memories of the previous world, so she had no idea if this world had them.

Ling He took the list and swept a glance at it. He couldn’t refrain from being a bit curious. Why did their perfectly fine young lady want them to bring back some herbs? However, not daring to ask too much, Ling He just called for two lightly injured guards to follow him while buying things in the city.

“My lady, what about this kid?” A guard lifted the young beautiful teenager over to the front of Ji Fengyan. After she had used two Five Lightning’s Bombardment to strike all of those hunters into ashes, not even one of these guards dared to underestimate her.

When Ji Fengyan lifted her eyes and saw that young beautiful teenager perched on the guard’s back, her smile gradually stiffened a bit.

Since this young teenager took her medicinal pill, his injuries had slightly stabilized. However, after being struck by lightning, the wound on his back was so savage that it was kind of scary. So every time she saw that bloody scar, Ji Fengyan started to feel guilty…

“I’ll look for a room to let him rest,” Ji Fengyan coughed as she stood up. Patting the dust off of her close, she quickly dashed into the disordered courtyard, searching for a place that could be used temporarily.

However, when Ji Fengyan took a look, she had a slight feeling of wanting to cry, but had no tears. This courtyard house could absolutely be compared to a poor temple. Therefore, she could only go find a room that was still suitable for living and clean it up a bit. After, she let a guard take the cotton blankets they brought along with them and arrange it as a temporary bed, laying that deeply slumbering young teenager face-down on it.

The grime on that young teenager’s face had already been wiped away, revealing a fair and lustrous face. However you looked at, however beautiful it was. Ji Fengyan was just appreciating the young teenager’s “beauty”, when abruptly, the sounds of a racket entered her ears. Before she could get up, three figures suddenly appeared outside the door.

“You’re Fengyan, right? It’s been a while since we last met, you’ve grown even prettier with time.” A middle age man of forty something years dressed in resplendent clothes cheerfully looked at Ji Fengyan. By his side, stood a man and a woman. The man was around twenty years old with a handsome face, while the woman that stood next to him was just as beautiful and charming.

After that man arrived at the door, those slightly furrowed elegant brows didn’t soften in the slightest. The gaze that he used to look at Ji Fengyan was indescribably odd.

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