ENL – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Please Don’t Make People Feel Sick

Ji Fengyan raised her brows as she looked at these three uninvited guests. Before she could speak, two guards that protected her while on the road, hastily hurried over. When they saw those three people, their face was full of discontent. The two helplessly turned towards Ji Fengyan and spoke, “My lady, they abruptly stormed in. We couldn’t stop them.”

“What ‘stormed in’? Fengyan, the people at your side really don’t seem to have much eyesight. Min’er is your young lady’s fiancé. A fiancé going to see his fiancée still requires to be announced?” The middle aged man unhappily glared at those two guards.

Both guards were dumbfounded. They looked at the middle aged man with conflicted gazes.

After the middle aged man swept a disapproving glance at those two guards, he turned toward Ji Fengyan with a kind and gentle smile, “Fengyan, why aren’t you saying anything? Did you forget? I’m Lei Xu, your Uncle Lei. Over here is your Big Brother Min.

When she heard “Big Brother Min”, Ji Fengyan almost vomited in disgust. Still, her face continued to have an ignorant expression on it. After Lei Xu finished speaking, she then showed an expression of sudden realization.

“Ah, so it was Uncle Lei…”

“Correct! I knew that you were coming today, but was busy before. After I finished dealing with things, your Big Brother Min and I both hurried over to see you. You’re probably exhausted from traveling, right? Did you even rest well at all?” Lei Xu was all smiles, but that excessively canny face had no way no way of making anyone feel pleasant.

“Since Uncle Lei is busy, there’s no need to be polite by rushing over.” Although it didn’t show on Ji Fengyan’s face, but in her mind, this “Uncle Lei” made her violently nauseous. This guy, even if he’s trying to fool someone, at the very least there should be some effort. He spoke that warmly, but tossed her into this ragged place. Did he truly think that she was as easy to fool as a three year old little kid?

“We’re all family, there’s no need for any politeness. Come, come, come. You and Min’er haven’t seen each other for well over several years. When Min’er knew that you were coming over, he was extremely excited. Min’er, why aren’t you saying anything to your Little Sister Fengyan?” Lei Xu sent a glance over to Lei Min beside him.

The elegant brows of Lei Min tightened a bit. Those slightly frosty eyes didn’t conceal itself as it swept over Ji Fengyan’s bony frame. When his sight landed on her sallow and emaciated face, he was quickly becoming unable to suppress the dark emotions in the depths of his eyes.

Ji Fengyan didn’t speak. She only smiled brightly as she watched the struggle in Lei Min’s eyes. Just as she thought that he was going to flick his sleeves and leave, Lei Min took a deep breath. He took a step forward and spoke: “Little Sister Fengyan, it’s been a long time. Are you still well?”

Neither cold nor hot, that tone didn’t have the slightest bit of warmth to speak of.

Off to the side, Lei Xu smiled happily. However, the sweet and lovely woman that stood next to Lei Min slightly furrowed her brows in a bit of displeasure.

“Very well,” Ji Fengyan placidly responded. She wanted to see what medicine this father and son duo had up their sleeves.

Ji Fengyan skimmed a gaze over trio. The original owner’s body had a few memories of Lei Xu and Lei Min, but there was no impression of that woman next to him. However, she could keenly sense that the way that woman looked at her was full of hostility and disdain.

Whoah, it seems that this little girl really held her in contempt!

With Ji Fengyan’s simple response, Lei Min had no way to retort. The room’s atmosphere immediately chilled.

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

    Pft, i bet the ‘beautiful’ lady is current the lover now. Ugh.

  2. Tasha says:

    I second that motion! Also putting forth that they’re behind the ambush and are simply plotting on getting their hands on her armor… probably going to pose it as a ‘wedding gift’ and then break the engagement the second they have it (so it’s a good thing that Ji Fengyan is here now instead the original…)

  3. rosana ✨ says:

    Lmao, they’re just here to break the engagement and steal the armor – such hypocrites. Just wait, JF will pay you back~ thank you!!!

  4. joellyanne says:

    So far these people sounds not too bad for schemers….

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