DKC – Chapter 983

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Chapter 983 – Moment of life or death (5)

He, who had always been calm, at this time was so panicked that his breathing nearly stopped!

He stared with round, glaring eyes, his eyes momentarily bloodshot, as he bellowed fiercely, “Stop!!!”

His Luo’er…

His Luo’er that he finally found after searching the entire world…

Nangong Liuyun only felt that both his legs had no strength and everything went black in front of his eyes.

Right when the dagger was 0.03 centimeters from Su Luo’s throat, suddenly a green vine extended out from Su Luo’s body.

A rustling noise sounded softly, the thick and solid green vine bound the dagger very firmly, layer after layer.

Since the beginning, the Variant Acacia Tree had stayed concealed, preserving its remaining strength.

Only at this crucial moment did it come out.

It knew it was far too weak to be a match for the old witch Yan Xia, so it didn’t decide to pull the dagger away. Instead, it took the risk of being seriously injured and bundled the opposing party’s dagger to a stop.

It couldn’t be helped but to say that precisely because of this delay. It snatched back a little bit of time and was ultimately able to save Su Luo’s life.

Yan Xia, the old witch, had never expected that at the crucial moment, a Variant Acacia Tree would unexpectedly emerge to disturb the situation!

“Variant Acacia Tree!” Fairy Yan Xia snarled fiercely!

How precious of a plant pet was the Variant Acacia Tree tree to a wood element mage?!

But, it had recognized Su Luo, this slut, as its master!

At this moment, Fairy Yan Xia almost wanted to place her hands on her hips and curse out the traitorous god.

Couldn’t Su Luo, this slut, not have so much good luck?

First, she had mystery stone that had a formidable fire element. She also had the the king of dragon race’s direct descendant, the little divine dragon. Lastly, she still actually had this Variant Acacia Tree!

The Variant Acacia Tree before her eyes was clearly only at the first transformation. Once it entered the second transformation, then the third transformation… just thinking about it, Fairy Yan Xia would feel envious.

However, it was precisely because the appearance of these treasures that made Fairy Yan Xia’s desire to kill Su Luo grew even more resolute.

Right now, at such a young age, she was already this outstanding. Her future accomplishments were simply limitless .

Who knew to what degree Su Luo’s strength would reach in the future?

At this time, Fairy Yan Xia had a deep restrained fear towards Su Luo.

In order to forever cut off future troubles, Fairy Yan Xia suddenly shook. The thick and solid green vines broke into pieces in a flash and fell down to the ground.

Fairy Yan Xia shot an indifferent glance at the Variant Acacia Tree, raised her dagger and pressed it towards Su Luo once again——

At this time, Nangong Liuyun had already dissolved Fairy Yan Xia’s killing move. His figure had already arrived before Su Luo’s figure.

“Stop!” Nangong Liuyun pulled out a spirit pinball from his chest pocket. His gaze was ruthless with an exceptionally dangerous aura.

Fairy Yan Xia lifted up her eyes from its corners she saw that scarlet red spirit pinball Nangong Liuyun held in his palm, her figure suddenly stiffened in a split second!

That spirit pinball was a fire-like red, like the afterglow of the setting sun, incomparably dazzling.

After the ten ranks, there was the saint level.

And a saint level spirit pinball was precisely this color.

Fairy Yan Xia watched Nangong Liuyun distractedly and put away the dagger in her hand.

The saint level spirit pinball was a huge threat to her. She had no choice but to treat it cautiously.

“Let her go.” Nangong Liuyun’s voice was ruthlessly cold, like ice that had accumulated for a millennium. Cold air seeped through every one of his words.

That healthy figure with a sharp and clearly handsome face, at this moment, was enveloped in cold frost, containing a murderous aura.

Those seemingly serene eyes concealed a slyness and a perceptiveness that was as sharp as a falcon’s eyes. It also seemed to contain endless layers of ice, that would make people tremble with fear.

Nangong Liuyun, who had never revealed his temper, was truly furious this time!

Under this pair of falcon-like, cruel, untamable sharp gaze, Fairy Yan Xia’s heart couldn’t help but to shiver.

With regards to strength, as an expert from the older generation, she was naturally the stronger one.

However, for some unknown reason, when she came into contact with Nangong Liuyun’s deathly still gaze, unexpectedly she would trembled slightly from fear.

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