DKC – Chapter 979

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Chapter 979 – Moment of life and death (1)

Su Luo took a step back.

A trace of deep worry flashed through her eyes.

Fairy Yan Xia coldly smiled: “Since you don’t have any last words, then, accept death!”

Done talking, with both hands in front of her chest, a blazing ray of light burst forth, finally condensing into an intense, transparent ball of light in her hands.

The ball of light was bright and scorching hot, with an imposing manner that would make people’s heart tremble in fear.

“Old witch! Even if you kill me, what’s so amazing about it? You will never be able to compare with my mother! You can’t even compared with a toenail of hers!” A thick, deep and cold intent was in Su Luo’s eyes.

Fairy Yan Xia was furious: “Loathsome girl, court death!”

Under her rage, the transparent ball of light she condensed out started to leak spirit power.

Old witch Yan Xia’s expression turned increasingly ugly.

This loathsome girl, even with death near at hand, she still schemed against her. She deliberately enraged her, really damned!

The ball of light in Fairy Yan Xia’s hands was like a scorching sun pressing heavily downwards, carrying an incomparable force!

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, in her heart, she was uncertain and deeply worried.

Today, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to dodge it……

Her survival instinct caused Su Luo to cover herself with Nothingness of Space. Immediately, she turned around and ran forward!

Run, run, run!

The wind was blowing beside her ears with whooshing sounds, and the tall ancient trees on both sides seemed to retreat backwards.

Su Luo’s speed soared to the highest ever since the beginning of history!

However, Yan Xia, that old witch, was one of the strong experts from the previous generation, how could Su Luo escape once again?


A violent noise resounded!

Su Luo only felt a huge weight like a large mountain suddenly attack towards her back!

Like a broken army, unable to resist!

This power, it was so huge that it could even crush hills and creeks into a river.

In this split second, Su Luo suddenly recalled when Western Jin’s old emperor spoke of the matter of how the Master of Purgatory City turned the tall and imposing snowy plateau into the Heavenly Lake.

As if in a slow motion movie, Su Luo’s body shot forward from being knocked against!

“Bang, bang, bang——”

Su Luo’s body smashed apart a countless number of ancient trees and bushes.

Su Luo was knocked away no less than a kilometer’s distance by this incomparable power, before finally, with a ‘bang’, she fell to the ground.

So painful……

Su Luo felt that, from combining her last lifetime plus this lifetime’s experience, today’s experience was the most desperate one for her ever.

Su Luo was dizzy with blurred vision from being hit, and her four limbs were numb. She continuously vomited out blood from her mouth.

Old witch Yan Xia was worthy of being called one of the strongest from the previous generation, she was strong to this degree.

Su Luo took a deep breath and wanted to stand up, however, this breath affected her lungs and led to her coughing violently.

“Cough, cough, cough——” Su Luo once again spit out three mouthfuls of blood, and only then did her brain become a bit clear-headed.

Su Luo supported herself with the ancient tree that she had knocked against until only half of it remained. She slowly stood up.

She wiped the blood stain at the corner of her mouth, her figure unable to stop swaying.

Just at this moment, the old witch Yan Xia had already rushed over.

Fairy Yan Xia’s gaze had a mocking expression, seeing the battered and exhausted appearance of Su Luo, the corner of her mouth repeatedly sneered: “Scoff, I thought you, this girl, would have more ability. You weren’t even able to bear one fifth of this fairy’s strength?”

Su Luo supported herself by leaning on the tree, breathing very heavily, she weakly sneered: “You can only compare yourself to me from the younger generation……If you have the ability, go find my mother to compare with ah!”

Fairy Yan Xia was infuriated until she seethed with anger, unable to restrain her rage!

Yan Hua, that slut, was a thorn that was buried the deepest in her heart. Now, this little slut before her eyes continuously reminded her and continuously pushed this thorn even deeper.

“Loathsome girl, since you want to die that badly, then this old lady will help you succeed!”

Fairy Yan Xia’s appearance was sinister, her gaze very fierce.

A black palm imprint suddenly appeared in the middle of her palm.

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