DKC – Chapter 978

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Chapter 978 – Soaring rage (4)

Just at this moment, a shadow suddenly appeared from behind Su Luo.

This shadow slowly approached Su Luo.

Su Luo, who was immersed in sadness, although her sharp senses were reduced a lot, her body’s basic instinct towards danger still made her turn her head subconsciously.

This glance made her expression stiffen in an instant, her back gradually growing cold.

The person in front of her was enveloped completely in a black cloak, with a slim body that made the cloak seem very wide. It fluttered and floated with the elements.

The entire face of the person in front of her was covered by a black hat, but from the atmosphere alone, Su Luo knew right away who it was.

Su Luo took a deep breath and subconsciously took a step back.

That mysterious person dressed in a black cloak extended a slim white hand and gripped the edge of the hat.

With a pull, that black hat was ripped off, exposing a face that was radiating light in all directions.

Fairy Yan Xia!

Su Luo’s eyes immediately shrunk.

Fairy Yan Xia looked at Su Luo, her eyes dipped in malicious light.

The scorching hot gaze almost burned Su Luo.

Su Luo subconsciously took another step back.

Because she clearly saw the hatred and rage in old witch Yan Xia’s eyes.

Before, in order for her to escape, she had used the small stone to blow up the old witch’s chest area, badly mutilating it.

Now, the old witch had found her, how could there be good things waiting for her?

A sinister and cold smile hung at the corner of the old witch Yan Xia’s mouth. She walked slowly towards Su Luo, step by step.

Su Luo subconsciously retreated, step by step.

All around, a gale erupted.

Huge jade beads, like rain, tumbled down and hit her face, stinging her somewhat.

The corner of old witch Yan Xia’s mouth gloomily pulled up: “Loathsome girl, today in the next year is the anniversary of your death, accept death!”

Su Luo’s heart was deeply worried, but her expression was as calm as before.

“Old witch, why didn’t the little stone’s explosion just kill you last time?” Su Luo breathed in through her nose and, with a ghost of a smile, cast a sidelong glance at the other side.

This was the biggest grievance in the old witch Yan Xia’s heart.

Hearing this sentence, she bared her fangs and brandished her claws, she wanting to rush over to tear Su Luo into pieces.

Su Luo waved her hand: “Wait!”

“For the sake of giving face to your master, say it, what last words do you still have to pass on?” The muscle at the corner of the old witch Yan Xia’s mouth trembled slightly. It could clearly be seen how furious she really was.

Su Luo faintly smiled: “My master? Old witch, I have already sent out a letter to him.”

“What letter?” Old witch Yan Xia had a very bad premonition.

“My last words ah.” Su Luo said it in an as-if-by-right manner, “If I die, the murderer is you——Old witch!”

Fairy Yan Xia was so angry to the point that she nearly gave off smoke!

She never expected that this loathsome girl would be so cunning, to actually leave behind a letter beforehand.

However, Fairy Yan Xia also wasn’t stupid, she wouldn’t just be scared by this and dare not make a move.

She coldly smiled: “So what? Your master originally didn’t like me. Since I can’t make him love me, then let him just hate me.”

Su Luo’s expression stiffened slightly.

This old witch’s brain circuit was different from a normal person’s, really wasn’t easy to persuade her.

What must she do today, so she could escape unscathed? Now, she was deliberately stalling for time, but would Nangong Liuyun really return to look for her?

No, the old witch was a strong expert from the older generation, Nangong should not be able to deal with her, rather than letting him lose his life in vain……

Fairy Yan Xia walked towards Su Luo step by step, a sinister smirk hanging at the corner of her mouth.

Su Luo, step by step, moved back. In the end, she was backed into a corner, her back pressing against the tree trunk of a millennium-old ancient tree.

Fairy Yan Xia suddenly laughed coldly: “What, deliberately stalling for time, waiting for your young lover to come to save you?”

The fists at Su Luo’s side tightened slightly.

The old witch really was worthy of being the old witch. So, originally, she had known everything!

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  1. katann13 says:

    Thank you!

    When will Fan Xia die?!?!? New plotline please 😛

  2. koala says:

    Thank you for the double update!

    NL’s temper is starting to wear on me 🙁

    • Oweng says:

      I think it’s fine. Like Nangong Liuyun said, he’s not a saint. He can get exhausted as well. That’s what I like about it though, it makes sense in real life.


      • 4crosses says:

        so what if heßs not a saint? giving her 5 minutes to sort her jumbled feelings really isn´t that hard. Especially after not seeing for 2 years, i would wait for the story of the person i love, instead of starting to cry and go out of controll because of the ramblings of a stranger.

        • 4crosses says:

          of the oh so arrogant nangong, he should go for the “like hell anyone could snatch her from her me ” instead of “oh no!, does she love me? did she betray me? She not answering, she HAS to have betrayed me!”
          Killing so many people and always acting so imposing and so “i will never leave you” and than playing the grumpy child, really doesn´t fit his style.

  3. Tatsumite says:

    And here I already ranted on the last chapter. I agree, NL seriously needs to know to pause and listen. He is a child that knows how to throw his weight around to get his way but lacks the ability act in reasonable manner to critically think about what has occured. I mean who did SL stand by during that who fight scene? Read the atmosphere and man up.

  4. rosana says:

    Thank you for both chapters!! ^.^
    Sighhhh, such kids….now we’re going to have to see this stupid fairy beat SL before NL comes back… >.<

    • Hime-sama says:

      Seriously, where is Su Luo’s master?
      He can’t be chasing (or maybe pretending to) that fake tomb guradian (or whoever he was)?

  5. Yun says:

    Nangong and Su Luo ‘s fights are getting exasperating honestly…It’s tempting to see just how much he’d regret it if she disappeared or got seriously injured this time.( -_-) The old fairy is also getting old, fast. I can’t wait until they make up and Nangong grows up while Su Luo stops being so indecisive….

    Thank you for the chapters!

  6. Ling says:

    Thanks for the update. Though there is so much I want to say about NL and SL how they should just……….. Never mind if I say it I will be here all day

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think SL will use her space to hide herself while YX will beat her up causing her to coma (where YX thinks she died)then NL senses something and comes back weeping regretting, also YQ will be devastated… But GRY will come and take her body and notices she is still alive but keeps it(since both of them have space)… Well that’s the scenario running in my mind right now, so please no nasty comments…

    • Silent Radioactivity says:

      Is it possible for a body to take less damage when soul is in the space? Is it possible for a body to partially travel to the space? That would be soooo cool!

      I really like your theory, however, from what we’ve seen, I think it’s unlikely.

      • koala says:

        I think SL is an anomaly, because Space Mages are supposed to be able to completely (body and all) travel into their space, but for some reason only her soul can travel into her space.

        • Hime-sama says:

          Or maybe she just doesn’t know how to use this really convenient ability, when everybody and their cats want nothing more than to chase her to the ends of the world..
          But hey, judging from the story so far, if she could hide this easily, then the author won’t have anything to write about any more..

      • Imel says:

        Is it possible for a body to take less damage when soul is in the space? ==> Don’t know

        Is it possible for a body to partially travel to the space? ==> Not only partial, but the physical body can indeed hide in the space. It’s just SL’s level of cultivation is not yet reaching that level. So now, only her soul that can go to the space. I think I read this in early chapters.

  8. QAQ says:

    I know this is unreasonable but please don’t leave us hanging like this!! thank you for all the hard work and the double release already I hope to be able to see SL and NL make up. again many thanks

    -one of your poor readers

  9. Taverius says:

    I’ve read maybe… 10 chapters since the fairy took her?

    Its just not interesting. I hope is over soon, I want to go back to enjoying this.

  10. its over..old witch will beat up Su Lou..Nangong Liuyun don’t come back crying when Lou Lou is beaten to death! Argh! Really hateful…I want to wait for a month then come back to read again…but if there’s an update, I can’t stop myself to read it..I can’t even last for a much more for a much..?argh! Really hateful!

  11. Jhime85 says:

    You know who is really to blame for this whole mess? Her master! If he had just killed that old b!tch in the first place instead of trying to take the higher ground this would not have happened. So what if she loved him? So what he is supposed to live his life just to make up for not wanting her back?! He knows YX is crazy and resentful of any woman around him but he leaves this snake in the grass thinking ‘she won’t dare’ it’s sickening that’s why you have to pull up the grass by the roots.

  12. Gilson says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

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