DKC – Chapter 980

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Chapter 980 – Moment of life and death (2)

The palm imprint suddenly elongated, becoming big, and very quickly, it became as large as a mountain!

Yan Xia, the old witch, waved her hand!

The entire mountain-like force suddenly smashed towards Su Luo!

Momentarily, a gale erupted.

‘Ssss’ sounds of friction burst out from mid-air .

Watching the mountain smash towards herself, Su Luo’s pupils shrunk.

But very quickly from the depth of Su Luo’s eyes flashed lights from feeling relieved .

What a coincidence, once again, she experienced what it was like facing death.

Nangong Liuyun, you blame me, then continue to go on blaming me forever……You must never look back to find me……

The smile at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth became increasingly brilliant……

Just at this moment, the mountain ruthlessly smashed down!


The entire Swallow Cloud Mountain Range violently shook.

Su Luo was smashed and sent flying far, far away.

The instant she was smashed out, Su Luo had already lost perception from too much pain.

When she once again fell heavily to the ground, she had already completely lost all senses of pain.

Just at the moment, Su luo was being smashed by the mountain——

Because Nothingness of Space was already cracked open by Yan Xia, that old witch’s first attack, within a short time naturally she couldn’t use it.

Just when Su Luo was waiting for death, a white ray of light suddenly shot out from Su Luo’s body.

The little divine dragon was like an arrow of light, rapidly shooting towards the old witch Yan Xia.

Leaving behind, in mid-air, an afterimage that could dazzle a person’s eyes.

Because all of Fairy Yan Xia’s attention was focused on Su Luo, therefore she didn’t notice the approach of the white shadow.

When she finally took notice, the little divine dragon had already leapt out in front of her!

The little divine dragon was like a thorn shooting towards Fairy Yan Xia.

Just when Fairy Yan Xia was about to swat this little bastard to death.

She saw the little divine dragon’s flexible body making many changes, in a flash he bite towards Fairy Yan Xia Fairy right thumb!

Fairy Yan Xia’s knew how to avoid hundreds of secret attacks, but she actually fell for the little divine dragon’s trick!

The little divine dragon ruthlessly bit towards that finger!

One could only hear a snapping sound, and the old witch Yan Xia’s right thumb was actually bitten off at the base by the little divine dragon.

Fairy Yan Xia was so angry, smoke was coming out of her nostrils.

That thumb, had a dark green ring on it, that was……

“Quickly spit it out!” Yan Xia, the old witch, was extremely angry with one grab she clutched the little divine dragon’s neck.

The difference in strength between her and the little divine dragon was, after all, very big, in one moment of carelessness he was stopped and lifted by the neck the old witch Yan Xia. His two back legs directly hung in mid-air.

Yan Xia Fairy’s strength was too strong, pinching the little divine dragon until his tongue stuck straight out. Both of his eyes turned white.

“Spit it out! Believe it or not that this old woman will choke you to death?!” Fairy Yan Xia’s face twisted, her eyes opened wide until they nearly fell out.

The little divine dragon’s originally large, clear and monochrome eyes now were bloodshot.

His sharp claws ruthlessly slashed towards the old witch Yan Xia’s wrist.

Immediately, her wrist was drenched with blood.

Fairy Yan Xia was so angry that her complexion became ashen, in the next instant she subconsciously smashed the little divine dragon heavily against a rock!

The dragon race was petty and liked to shield their shortcomings, it’s not like Fairy Yan Xia didn’t know. Therefore, she didn’t treat the little divine dragon like she treated Su Luo, by yelling that she wanted to beat and kill him.

The little divine dragon was knocked around by Fairy Yan Xia’s full force, immediately, his head turned askew and he fainted.

Fairy Yan Xia glared at the little divine dragon with hatred.

If she could, she naturally will cut open the little divine dragon’s stomach and take out that dark green thumb ring.

But she was afraid of the dragon race’s power, so Fairy Yan Xia didn’t dare to kill the little divine dragon. Even though they were in a desolate and uninhabited forest, she still didn’t dare.

Fairy Yan Xia could only pick up the little divine dragon and extend her finger in his mouth to fish around.

While she endured the nausea, she was also busy trying hard to find it.

However, she dug around for a long time, but could not fish out anything.

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    And then we’ll found out that the little dragon is the true Male lead of the Novel…
    After all, they have a contract between equals (remind me of a Marriage contract)…

    • Arkeus says:

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    • Xoxo says:

      HAHAHAHAHA oh god, what a plot twist

    • Tsukiyo says:

      I’m sure it’s a spoiler, but somewhere around the end of book one, meng meng will get to transform…

    • Caliburn says:

      Haha, funny… but I would have pushed it even further :

      Look at the title : “The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss”

      “The demonic king chases…” :
      -demonic = demon = demon beast = dragon ?
      -king : isn’t the dragon the king of all demonic beasts ?
      – If we take chase in the sense “following”, hasn’t meng meng been following (chasing) her most of the novel ?

      the 2nd part , “The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss” :
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      Need money or crystals ? meng meng is here…
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      Meng Meng….. Poor guy I WANT HIM AS MY PROTECTOR!! Little does Nangong know he will have another love rival soon (I hope)

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    • Tsukiyo says:

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    • Hime-sama says:

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      • JHQ says:

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  8. Rabbit says:

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    it would be interesting if NL didn’t come back to save SL. Instead of NL, she was saved by little dragon’s dad or her master or her master’s subordinate. I mean, I’d like to see how SL will develop and then have NL realize how wrong he was and how they would get back together.

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      It is partially Su Luo’s fault for always getting involved with the wrong guys.
      Now let’s see the list
      – she get pregnant and then get stabbed in the back by the on she loved.
      – manages to make a bet with a domestic violence fool and so on.
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