DKC – Chapter 955

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Chapter 955 – Behind was a force that chased after her (4)

Su Luo smiled proudly: “Merely an Advanced Apothecary and nothing more.”

“What’s called ‘merely an Advanced Apothecary’ and nothing more?” Zi Yan really wanted to curse her soundly.

Doesn’t this girl know, on this continent, all the Advanced Apothecaries added together, it wasn’t that many, okay?

She was only seventeen years old ah, seventeen! A seventeen-year-old Advanced Apothecary, if it was spread out, who would believe it?

Zi Yan was so envious and jealous that her brain hurt.

“Wait a minute!” She suddenly shot up, her body sitting up.

Su Luo jumped from being scared by her, “What’s wrong? You can’t move around right now, if you need something, I’ll go do it.”

Zi Yan pulled Su Luo’s hand, stopping her, her pitch-black eyes carefully sized up Su Luo from top to bottom.

She didn’t say a word, just, in such a serious manner, stared at her.

Su Luo’s heart was somewhat scared from being stared by her, she licked her lips and weakly asked: “In the end, what are you looking at?”

Was there a problem with her body?

“You, this girl, you!” Zi Yan was nearly stunned stupid.

“What’s wrong?” Su Luo’s pair of eyes was innocent and bewildered.

“You are actually at the sixth rank!” Zi Yan was being long-winded and nearly couldn’t stop her mouth, “At the time we separated, you were still an Intermediate Apothecary and at the fifth rank. How many days has it been? You actually advanced in both cultivation!”

Su Luo smiled and gave a ‘hehe’ sound: “If you want to exchange with me, then I’ll welcome it with both hands.”

In fact, the things she experienced, which time was she not surrounded by danger, and which time was it not a narrow escape?

The two people both recounted what they experienced after they separated.

When Su Luo was telling her about how the old witch locked her up and the Jade Lake’s fairy took the opportunity to maltreat her, Zi Yan became infuriated and coldy humphed numerous times: “Li Yaoyao that slut, really is shameless!”

When Su Luo told up to the part where she took advantage of when Yan Xia that old witch was napping and whereby she stole into her bedroom to steal her medicine chest, Zi Yan laughed until her wounds almost burst open again.

“Able to escape from that old witch Yan Xia’s hands unscathed, sure enough, you really are not ordinary.” Zi Yan looked at Su Luo with unmatched admiration, “If switched with another person, no one else would be able to do it.”

“What about you? How did you escape during these days?” Su Luo asked with deep concern.

“That day after I got separated from you, I went looking for wild fruits in the mountain for little elf to eat. God knows, halfway, there was a group of not-so-weak black-clothed people rushing out to kill me.” Both of Zi Yan’s eyes were bursting with rage, “My martial arts was of no use, so I could only try to flee the entire journey. However, they also didn’t escape from being injured. At least, along the way, the original group of fifty black-clothed people were now left with only the few that you saw.”

Zi Yan’s deeply cold gaze looked at the dead people dressed in black on the ground with an angry expression.

Along the way, only through the use of a countless number of tricks and schemes, was she able to kill this troop until they were almost all dead and disordered.

Only, at the end, she really couldn’t persevere on.

If it was not for Su Luo arriving a little earlier, very likely, she would not be able to see the sun rising tomorrow.

Finding a little brook, she asked Zi Yan to go wash up. Su Luo again took out a complete set of female clothing and put it aside for her.

“Having a space bag is really convenient.” Zi Yan ruefully sighed endlessly.

“Rest assured, you will also have one later.” Su Luo smilingly promised her.

Space bags were made from cutting off a part of space, wait until after she learned how, she would give one to Zi Yan.

“Really? Then this trip of being chased to be killed is worth it.” Zi Yan knew that Su Luo’s heart felt somewhat guilty, so she deliberately mentioned it.

When she really waited until she got a space bag from Su Luo, presumably, at that time, she would stop feeling guilty.

In fact, she never blamed this matter on Su Luo, let alone, if it were not for Su Luo, she wouldn’t have gotten the blue colored elf.

In her heart, Su Luo was her very, very good friend.

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