DKC – Chapter 954

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Chapter 954 – Behind was a force that chased after her (3)

“Fairy Yan Xia? Why would she chase after you to kill you, and me as well?” Zi Yan’s whole face was full of doubt.

She had already harmed Zi Yan by involving her. Su Luo naturally couldn’t conceal it any longer and said: “The old witch Yan Xia hated my mother. You see, my face now has returned to its original appearance, all of this is because of her.”

“Oh…” Only now did Zi Yan notice Su Luo’s facial features.

Before, when she saw the little divine dragon popped out so abruptly, she subconsciously knew it was Su Luo, so she didn’t look carefully at her face.

Now, with Su Lu stressing this, when Zi Yan looked at Su Luo’s face again, she was immediately gobsmacked.

“Your, this face….” Zi Yan was unable to move and stared at Su Luo in disbelief, “How did you become so beautiful all of a sudden?”

This face still had the original facial features, only, some places had subtle adjustments, until it became so beautiful as to have no flaw.

“Too beautiful!” Zi Yan said out loud in surprise.

Su Luo smilingly said: “There weren’t that many changes, just shining according to the face to reflect a difference and nothing more.”

“What ‘shining on the skin that reflected away the dust’?” Zi Yan expressed that she completely did not understand.

Su Luo, having heard what was said, smiled: “You only need to remember, this is my real appearance, and that’ll be fine. Before, in order to protect me, Master used the ‘alter the appearance to change the reflection’ technique on my face.”

So it seemed at that time, the person who had placed her in Su Manor as an infant, was also Beautiful Teacher.

Only, Su Luo, after much thought, still didn’t understand the reason behind this move.

However, now with her real appearance having been revealed, Fairy Yan Xia was already chasing to kill her until she had nowhere to run to.

Also, Su Luo was certain that according to her cheap mother’s intrepidness from back then, her rival in love wasn’t only Fairy Yan Xia alone.

“‘Alter the appearance to change the reflection’ technique? Really worthy of being Grandmaster Rong Yun, only he has the ability to do it.” Zi Yan leaned against the tree trunk, smiling brilliantly.

If Third Senior Brother was to see Su Luo’s current appearance, don’t know if he would be gobsmacked. She was really looking forward to seeing his reaction oh.

While Su Luo was talking to Zi Yan, she was also treating her injuries.

Zi Yan’s body had many injuries, just knife wounds alone, there were seven to eight areas. In addition, she had serious internal injuries.

Because it wasn’t treated properly, several knife wounds were inflamed. It was a horrible sight to see.

Su Luo first made Zi Yan drink a full cup of High Grade Celestial Spirit Water. Then afterwards, she cut open Zi Yan’s wounds and made her take the Rebirth of Flesh pill orally and also applied it externally to her wounds.

Rebirth of Flesh Pill’s healing property was very good, when the medicinal powder was sprinkled on the wound, the original wound that was bleeding profusely immediately stopped bleeding.

Not only did it stop the bleeding, at a speed the naked eye could see, it also formed a thick layer of scab.

“Wait until this scab fell off, then you are completely healed.” Su Luo let out the breath she was holding.

Fortunately, there was no fatal wound on Zi Yan’s body.

Last time, Su Luo had also used the Rebirth of Flesh Pill on Zi Yan, but that time, she was unconscious, this time, she saw the results with her own eyes.

“Really miraculous.” Zi Yan clicked her tongue in wonder.

“Here.” Su Luo handed the remaining Rebirth of Flesh Pills over to Zi Yan, “You always get injured, take this, keep it at your side as something you can readily use.”

With regards to implicating Zi Yan, Su Luo’s heart would inevitably feel guilty and always want to do something for her.

Such a miraculous healing panacea, Zi Yan naturally would want it, but——

“Then what about you?” Zi Yan uncertainly asked.

Giving it all to her, then what’s to be done when Su Luo herself got injured?

Su Luo raised an eyebrow and smiled: “I forgot to tell you, now, I have already been promoted to Advanced Apothecary. I am now qualified to refine Rebirth of Flesh pills.”

“Advanced Apothecary!” Having heard what was said, Zi Yan suddenly stared at Su Luo, “Last time, weren’t you still an Intermediate Apothecary?”

Similarly being chased to be killed, she herself was chased to be killed until she was battered and exhausted, with nowhere to run to. But how was it that Su Luo, this girl’s, luck was so great oh? She actually got promoted to Advanced Apothecary?

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