DKC – Chapter 928

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Chapter 928 – Camping in the forest (1)

How many aristocratic family’s daughters want to be his concubine yet couldn’t?

Now, he was actually ignored by a palace maid?

Suddenly, ‘swoosh, swoosh, swoosh’, pairs of gossipy eyes shot towards Su Luo, everyone was itching to make out a hint on her face.

Indeed, this girl was truly beautiful like a fairy, unparalleled in the world, but wasn’t this rather too arrogant?

At this moment, those little Princess Yulin’s pair of pitch-black like ink eyes were turning. This directly told her, there was a story between Third Elder Brother and Yun Luo.

Thus, with the corner of her mouth containing a crafty smile, she looked left at Su Luo, then looked right at Ouyang Yunqi.

At this moment, Su Luo also found her reaction was somewhat excessive. She retreated a step and made her salutation to Ouyang Yunqi: “Just now, this servant’s reaction was too excessive, still wish Your Highness to please forgive me.”

This man may not be the Yun Qi from her previous life, she shouldn’t have reacted so intensely. Su Luo unceasingly persuaded herself in her heart.

Ouyang Yunqi’s eyes narrowed slightly, that pair of phoenix eyes contained complicated rays of light.

The corner of his mouth perked up in a shallow smile: “It was this Highness that was rude, Miss Su please.”

Su Luo’s heart suddenly blanked! The hands concealed in her sleeves clenched even more tightly into fists.

Miss Su……

He actually called her Miss Su!

Su Luo was certain she hadn’t misheard.

Su Luo took a deep breath, her expression increasingly becoming more calm, she raised her eyes, her gaze was clear, cold and serene: “Your Highness remembered wrong, this servant’s surname is Yun, Your Highness can just call this servant Yun Luo.”

She was called Su Luo in her previous life, if this man truly was Yun Qi, then was he probing her just now?

Only Su Luo really didn’t want to acknowledge him.

That kind of past she couldn’t bear to look back on. She really didn’t want to recall.

Ouyang Yunqi’s expression was natural, he lightly laughed and said: “So your surname is Yun ah. Yun Qi, Yun Luo, it really is well matched with This Highness’s name.”

“Your Highness is joking, this severant doesn’t deserve to be mention in the same breath as Your Highness, otherwise, this servant ought to change her name.” Su Luo gloomily sighed in her heart. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have used this name Yun Luo. Who could have anticipate, just this name, would attract Ouyang Yunqi’s interest?

Ouyang Yunqi lightly looked at Su Luo, the corner of his mouth raised slightly: “So easily to change one’s name, perhaps these two words ‘Yun Luo’, also isn’t your real name?”

Exactly because it wasn’t her real name, therefore, she wouldn’t cherish it.

Su Luo’s long, shapely eyebrows slightly narrowed. Did this man have to insist on going against her, pushing her to the heart of the struggle?

At present, she was already receiving too much attention.

Normally, she wouldn’t mind, but right now she was being hunted down by Yan Xia, that old witch ah.

Su Luo, for lack of a better option, could only compromise: “Whatever the Third Highness say then it is like that.”

Finished speaking, she quietly retreated to the side, speaking no more.

The little princess slanted a glance at Ouyang Yunqi: “Third Older Brother, how could you bully my people, I’m not happy!”

Ouyang Yunqi, stroking her head and smiled: “Our family’s little Yulin got angry ah, what’s to be done?”

“I will penalize you!” The little princess, with her head high and chest out, spoke in deadly earnest.

“Then how will little Yulin penalize Third Older Brother?” Although Ouyang Yunqi was talking to little Yulin, but his attention was directed on Su Luo’s body.

“Just penalize you……” Little Yulin, tilted her head and thought for a while, “Then, penalize you when you return, you will ride a horse to guard our surroundings! You aren’t allowed to stray even a single step!”

The route from the harbor to the imperial capital still had three days of travel.

Ouyang Yunqi readily agreed: “Ok, there is no problem with this.”

However, listening to these words, Su Luo wished she could swat this girl’s head, why did she speak ah?

Regardless of whether or not this person was her past life’s Yun Qi……

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