DKC – Chapter 929

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Chapter 929 – Camping in the forest (2)

She was itching to be far away from him, now why was this little girl being so noisy?

This girl knew perfectly well that she would stay with her in the same carriage.

Su Luo slanted a glance at the little princess and saw a crafty look flash through the girl’s eyes.

So, this little demon was deliberate.

The carriage moved and stopped along the journey, continuously journeying for two days.

These two days, it was very calm on the road. Don’t mention brigands, they didn’t even come across people showing and fiercely fighting.

Seeing this, the little princess was inevitably somewhat bored.

“Third Older Brother, I don’t want to stay in an inn, let’s camp outside ok?” The little princess pushed aside the curtain and yelled at Ouyang Yunqi who was riding a horse beside the carriage.

Ouyang Yunqi’s gaze passed over to Little Yulin, swept a glance at Su Luo, and frankly nodded his head: “Okay.”

His Highness the Third Prince passed down an order, and the carriage stopped at the side of a hillside with a wide meadow.

This chosen place was excellent.

Both hidden from the wind and dry, the ground was even with a wide horizon. Moreover, there was even a small stream quietly flowing not far away.

The distance from here to the capital was already quite close, tomorrow, as long as they crossed over this mountain, they would have arrived.

Ouyang Yunqi’s troops were trained well, the troops separated to carry out the order.

The first squadron chopped firewood, the second squadron got water, the third squadron hunted beasts, the fourth squadron……

These troops of a hundred people worked in a neat and orderly manner.

The scene was buzzing with activity, but was very orderly and neat.

“Third Brother, I want to go hunting!” The little princess, lifting her skirt, excitedly ran down the carriage.

Ouyang Yunqi was very spoiling towards this girl, pulling her, he smilingly said: “Run slowly, be careful not to fall down.”

The little princess excitedly nodded her head. She had only run a few steps before she stopped once again. She turned around and beckoned Su Luo: “Yun Luo, you quickly come over.”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly. She didn’t want to have more contact with this third prince.

Therefore, Su Luo waved her hand: “Princess, you go, I will stay here to make soup for you to drink.”

However, matters that the little Princess Yulin was determined about, no one could refuse.

One could only see her taking strides with her little legs and with ‘thump thump’ sounds run over in front of Su Luo. She lifted her very innocent and pure little face, smilingly looking at Su Luo.

“Yun Luo, you aren’t afraid of my third brother, right?”

Su Luo’s temples slightly bulged.

This damned child, really liked to poke at a sore spot? To actually mention her third brother in front of her.

Su Luo naturally denied it at all cost: “Did your third brother grow three heads and six arms? How could I possibly be afraid of him?”

Only, seeing that person, her heart would feel uneasy. Certainly, this sentence, Su Luo couldn’t say to the little girl.

The little Princess Yulin, tilting her head, smiled with her face full of innocence and guiltlessness.

But this innocent and guiltless little face, in Su Luo’s heart, was alarming, what ghostly ideal was this little girl planning?

Sure enough, the small girl, with one move, grabbed Su Luo’s hand and towed her forward: “Good, good, then just us two will go. Third Elder Brother won’t go, quickly let’s go, quickly go.”

If Su Luo just went with her like this, wouldn’t it be revealing that she had intended to hide? Wasn’t it admitting that she was afraid of that Ouyang Yun Qi?

Su Luo used fifty percent of her spirit power to stop her body.

Her rock-firm and unyielding body, see how this little girl could still tow her.

However, Su Luo unexpectedly still watched as her own body was dragged by her!

She had already used fifty percent of her spirit power, and was still pulled away by this little girl?

Su Luo’s eyes flashed slightly, an unfathomable expression slipping through their depths.

This girl didn’t seem to be even ten years old, but this strength … was at least at the fifth rank.

“Quickly let’s go, quickly go, let’s go gather mushrooms. Yun Luo then will make mushroom soup for this princess.”

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