DKC – Chapter 927

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Chapter 927 – Encountering Yun Qi (8)

Only now did Ouyang Yun Qi return to his senses, his calm restored. He slapped the little girl on the head in exasperation: “Small person but a great demon, fine, go play on the side.”

The little girl struggled a bit and Ouyang Yun Qi didn’t oppose.

Right now, his attention was all on Su Luo’s body.

“You are called Yun Luo?” His eyes narrowed slightly, with a complex light in his pupils.

Now, Su Luo’s figure was rigid, her back was cold and the hand concealed in her sleeves were clenched tightly into fists. With great effort, she tried to control her mood, so that she didn’t send a slap over!

Yun Qi, Ouyang Yunqi!

Even if she was turned to dust, she would recognize this face!

But now was not the time….Su Luo took a deep breath, buried her moodiness deep in her heart, her expression, in an instant, becoming tranquil.

Perhaps, perhaps it was merely a coincidence.

Perhaps this Ouyang Yunqi merely looked the same as the Yunqi from her previous life.

Su Luo continuously told lies to herself in her heart.

At this moment, little Princess Yulin poked Su Luo in the arm: “You two are really interesting, it’s only the first time meeting, and you both stare in awe at each other. How about just being together and letting it be?”

Little Princess Yulin’s words shocked people, the circle of surrounding people all inhaled a deep breath of cold air.

The stately His Highness the prince with an insignificant little palace maid…How could this be possible?!

The little princess really spoke without any restraint.

Everyone all believed that Third Prince would chide the little Princess Yulin, but outside of everyone’s expectations, this time, Third Prince didn’t chide her.

He not only didn’t chide her, instead, he even smiled. His smile was like the clean spring wind, intoxicating to people.

Ouyang Yunqi smilingly picked up the little princess’s hand.:“You also want to be a matchmaker, no?”

“Don’t want, but Third Elder Brother’s wife, you must let me, Yulin, find.” The little girl justifiably stuck out her chest.

“Why?” Ouyang Yunqi teased her and said.

“Not going to tell you.” The corner of little Yulin’s mouth tilted up slightly.

Through her careful observations for these past few days, not only did Yun Luo look good, her IQ also wasn’t low. She was only a little less smarter than her, just appropriate to become her sister-in-law.

As far as matching in terms of family, the difference in her status and what not, the little princess, with regards to these, considered it fleeting.

Little Princess Yulin turned her face away, her other hand very naturally holding Su Luo’s hand.

Right now, Su Luo’s mood was very complicated, her hands and feet were ice-cold and stiff. She wanted to shake off Yulin’s hand, but was afraid that Ouyang Yunqi would see a clue. Momentarily, her heart was very tangled.

“Yun Luo, your hand is very cold, it’s not because you are getting sick, right?” The little princess directly touched upon a sore spot and shouted it out loud right away.

Su Luo was not in a good mood and nearly rolled her eyes.

Under thousands of staring eyes, as an escaped fugitive, Su Luo repeatedly lowered her presence, but the little princess was completely the opposite. Time and time again, she would push her into the heat of the struggle.

Su Luo could only sigh helplessly. “Nothing wrong with me, little princess doesn’t need to be worried.”

“That won’t do, you are this princess’s people, how could this princess not worry about you?” The little princess directly pushed Su Luo towards Ouyang Yunqi: “Third Elder Brother, aren’t you an Apothecary? Quickly examine Older Sister Yun Luo.”

Don’t know where the little girl got her strength, Su Luo, in a moment of unawareness, nearly was pushed until she stumbled.

At the same time, Ouyang Yunqi subconsciously moved to support her by the shoulder and steadied her body.

Being in contact with that pair of hands, immediately, Su Luo’s heart became angry. Her tone was icy and indifferently spit out two words: “Let go!”

Momentarily, all around was noiseless and quiet.

Everyone present all sucked in a breath of cold air!

A mere insignificant small palace maid, unexpectedly! Unexpectedly dared to berate His Highness the Third Prince! This was simply foolhardy.

If you must know, the current His Highness the Third Prince was not the former useless bookworm.

The him right now was a person second to none among Western Jin’s younger generation.

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