DKC – Chapter 926

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Chapter 926 – Encountering Yun Qi (7)

“…..” Su Luo’s fists clenched at her side.

These words that Princess Yulin had said, heard by these people from ancient times, was unlikely to be heard wrong, not likely to think much of it. However, Su Luo, this person that had crossed over from the modern times, easily could think crooked.

The contrast of Western Jin’s third prince before and after was too different, she couldn’t help but be suspicious.

“How did your expression change to become so unsightly?” The little princess, without any restraint, pointed at Su Luo and said with a frown.

Su Luo’s brain flashed, and thought of a excuse: “Might be because the body hasn’t completely healed, and because of being blown by the river wind again, I have a little headache.”

In fact, right now, Su Luo as having a myriad of train of thoughts, nearly stuck together like a ball of paste.

The little princess naturally couldn’t understand Su Luo’s thoughts right now, she nodded her head and carelessly waved a hand: “Then fine, you first go back, wait until your body is completely healed, then you can serve.”

“Thank the princess for empathy.” After Su Luo made her salute, she withdraw.

Returning to her own room, Su Luo sat down on the bed with a blank expression.

Just now, hearing what princess Yulin said, the uneasy feeling in Su Luo’s heart became more and more intense.

Yun Qi… Did he also cross over?

Or was this merely a coincidence?

Su Luo felt that her brain was exceedingly sore, as if there were a countless number of ants crawling around, not allowing her to be at peace.

The yacht sailed for three days and three nights on the wide river. On the morning of the fourth day, it docked on shore.

After going ashore, suddenly, Princess Yulin’s eyes lit up.

“Walk, quickly follow me over!” The little princess led Su Luo quickly forward.

Su Luo’s identity now was the little princess’s personal maid, therefore, she could not refuse. She could only allow the princess to lead her quickly to walk forward.

“Third Elder Brother, are you here to pick Lin Lin up?” The little princess had a very sweet smile, her eyes and brows were curved. She really looked like an eight-year-old girl, rather than the bizarre little demon.

Now, standing in front of the little princess, was an extraordinarily handsome and bright male. He was precisely the third prince of Western Jin, Ouyang Yun Qi.

One could see him dressed in a white soft robe made with gold silk, standing there with a smile.

That pair of azure-colored eyes reflected the light of sun, the brilliance gathered in his beautiful eyes. Making his entire person seemed gentle, handsome and bright having been bathed in the spring wind.

Ouyang Yunqi smilingly looked at little Yulin.

Little Yulin rushed over, throwing herself into his embrace.

Ouyang Yunqi hugged the little princess lifting her up, pinched her nose. “You have great courage, and played until you got carried away, even to the point of not coming home?”

“It’s not like that! It’s because that magical beast was too difficult to deal with, we have so many people and together couldn’t defeat it and was trapped.” The little princess with her eyes open and told the lies. Seeing third elder brothers face full of disbelief and was afraid he would ask, the little girl hurriedly changed the topic.

The little princess pointed to Su Luo and loudly said. “Third elder brother you look, she is called Yun Luo ah, isn’t it similar to your name?”

Finished she even craftily blinked her eyes.

Ouyang Yunqi rubbed the little girl’s head. “Such a young age actually getting involved in a lot of other people’s business.”

Finished speaking Ouyang Yunqi’s gaze carelessly swept toward Su Luo.

This gaze was very absent-minded.

However the second he saw Su Luo, the place closest to Ouyang Yunqi’s heart suddenly had a thread of worry and pain.

Like an electric current streaking by, very fleeting.

At the same time Ouyang Yunqi’s figure suddenly stiffened, he looked at the slender, elegant and extremely beautiful woman before his eyes with a complex expression.

She was indeed very beautiful

Also she was somewhat similar to that person.

“Third elder brother’s eyelids are really shallow, so easily to stare in awe, really boring.” The little girl spread out both hands taking a helpless stance.

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