DKC – Chapter 911

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Chapter 911 – Moment of life or death (9)

Team member Jia’s career as a killer ended forever.

Right now, there were still eighteen people.

Mission completion rate: 1 vs 19

As a result, the captain lead eight people to ran forward, in pursuit of Su Luo. And where was Su Luo?

She lifted her dagger, reaping as she went.

Her objective was very simple.

Only when the distance between the last person and the people at the front was relatively far, then she would reap one by herself.

But when there were two or three people near each other, she would bring out the little divine dragon and the Acacia Tree to reap together.

Alone the entire way she reaped.

This entire team, even with the captain within the ten people, was almost completely cleaned out by Su Luo.

The captain who was running at the front completely did not notice anything peculiar.

Slowly, he sensed that the sound of footsteps was getting quieter and quieter, and that the people that ran ahead had long since disappeared.

The captain’s eyes creased slightly. He raised his hand and gave out an order in a cold voice: “Stop!”

However, following the raising of his hand, there were only two sparse sounds that responded.

The captain suddenly had a kind of bad premonition in his heart and turned around.

At this time, there were only two figures behind him.

The corner of the captain’s mouth pulled apart slightly: “Where’s everyone?”

Number two and Number three looked at each other in dismay——

They turned their heads back and discovered that there was no one left behind them!

What exactly was going on here?!

Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t there have been seven more people? Where had they gone to now?

The captain suddenly had a kind of absurd feeling in his heart——

Unprecedentedly, he felt nervous.

Even when he faced his master, he had never been this frantic.

He checked and touched the ball hanging at his waist.

This was a signal ball.

He just needed to pull and make it ring, then hundreds and thousands of martial artists in the jungle would all flock over.

However, did he really need to pull it and make it ring?

“Go back and take a look!” Up ahead they had already lost any trace of their objective. The captain hesitated for quite a while and finally still decided to go back and take a look.

He wanted to ascertain if that seven people had truly gone missing, or they had merely fallen behind.

Turning back, the captain still ran at the front, with Number two and Number three following behind.

At this time, Su Luo, who was hiding in the dark, the corner of her mouth hooked into a sneer.

“Honorary captain, even if you dig for a meter into the ground, you won’t find the corpses.” Su Luo muttered to herself from the bottom of her heart.

The captain and Number two passed with one in front and one behind. Su Luo waited until Number three passed by her side and laughed coldly. A long, cyan-colored vine familiarly wrapped around Number three’s neck.

Number three had long since been on guard, so he produced a tiny sound.

The captain and Number two heard the sounds of movement and suddenly turned their head back.

However, just when they were turning their head around, Su Luo threw herself ferociously at Number two, and the little divine dragon shot towards the captain.

Number two’s strength wasn’t bad, he was sixth ranked martial artist.

However, Su Luo had a reputation of being an unequalled existence within the same level.

When she was of the fifth rank, she was without a rival within the fifth rank.

Now, she was of the sixth rank. Naturally, she was also without a rival within the sixth rank. Who told the heavens to care for her and allow for her to have Nothingness of Space?

Su Luo laughed coldly as Nothingness of Space enveloped Number two without the slightest crack.

Number two had lifted up his knife and was just about to slice downward, but found his speed had unexpectedly become very slow…

No sooner said than done——

The Yan Hua dagger in her hand flashed with a deep cold light.

It was just like the expression Su Luo had on her face at this moment.

“Slice——” A light sound rang. The dagger that was originally slicing towards Number two’s neck deviated somewhat because Number two twisted his figure away at a critical moment.

The dagger streaked across the black-clothed person’s face, immediately producing a whirlwind with a strong smell of blood.

At this time, Number two’s attack had also arrived——

Su Luo retreated a step and enveloped herself in Nothingness of Space.

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