DKC – Chapter 912

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Chapter 912 – Moment of life or death (10)

They were both at the sixth rank, to her, who was enveloped in Nothingness of Space, Number two’s attack was similar to scratching the outside of a boot, she was completely immune to it.

Right when Su Luo retracted her Nothingness of Space, her Great Dimensional Imprint had already settled steadily over the top of Number two’s head.

However, Number two completely didn’t sense it.

Waited until he sensed it——

“Thump——” The Great Dimensional Imprint smashed down heavily!

Number two was smashed dizzy in an instant.

While you are ill, I’ll take your life!

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a bloodthirsty sneer. Her sleeve turned over, in a flash, the dagger once again appeared in her right hand.


Su Luo’s figure shifted to Number two’s back as fast as electricity. She then raised her dagger and cut across.

Immediately, a deep wound opened on the black-clothed person’s neck. His artery was immediately cut off on the spot and blood rushed forth like spring water.

“Oh——” The black-clothed person fell down heavily, with both eyes opened perfectly round, staring at Su Luo with an expression of dying with grievances remaining.

Su Luo shrugged her shoulders for lack of a better option.

If it was possible, she also didn’t want to kill people. It was just unfortunate that everyone was on the opposite side with the thought, ‘If you die, then I’ll live.” So Su Luo killed without a single trace of remorse.

Su Luo succeeded in getting rid of Number two.

As for that captain, she naturally left him to the little divine dragon.

The little divine dragon’s strength wasn’t concealed.

At that time, wasn’t the formidable Li Yaoxiang also got teased and humiliated by the little divine dragon?

Therefore, the seventh-ranked captain was simply inadequate for him to even look at.

Although the little divine dragon seemed foolish and usually had a bewildered expression, but his power of observation was extraordinarily sharp.

The captain wanted to press that signal alert ball, but how could the little divine dragon permit him to do so?

The little divine dragon’s first objective was precisely that ball.

The little divine dragon leapt onto the captain’s body and took a bite at his waist!

That signal alert ball——

Just with a mere two to three mouthful, was directly swallowed by the little divine dragon!

“You-You——” The captain watched this freakish scene with his eyes opened very wide.

By no means did the little divine dragon care if the captain was shocked. He treated the captain’s body like a tree to be climbed. After a two or three moves, he had climbed up to the top of the captain’s head.

Only then did the captain return to his senses and begin to deal with the little divine dragon.

However, he, who had already lost the key moment, no longer had the opportunity.

Just right when the captain was preparing to open his mouth and yell loudly for help, the little divine dragon aimed at his throat and bit down severely!

“Snap!” The formidable captain, with just one bite, his blood spurted out wildly.

“Ah——” The captain had only just produced a small cry of pain, and the little divine dragon then smashed a fist heavily onto his mouth!

“Oh——” The captain’s entire person was smashed until he fell backwards, flipping over more than ten trees before he came to a stop, falling down to the ground.

Su Luo had previously told the little divine dragon not to let the opposition make a sound. The little dragon felt that he bore this great trust from his master. So when he let the opposition make a sound, the little divine dragon blamed himself a lot.

The aftermath of the little divine dragon’s self blaming was something the captain was unable to bear.

The little divine dragon’s fist, although it looked really small, but had the strength of five thousand kilograms.

Landing just two to three punches like that, the captain breathed his last, even his body was directly broken down into tiny pieces.

“Oh, heavens——”

Seeing this savage act carried out on their captain, those nine people, who was flanking all around had arrived, and were immediately stupefied.

Su Luo’s heart was slightly startled.

Originally, this troop had nineteen people, but there were nine people that flank the side from every direction, where the captain had been chasing Su Luo from behind.

Now, the ten people lead by the captain had been completely wiped out.

And now, these nine people had unexpectedly appeared here together.

It wasn’t that Su Luo couldn’t defeat these nine people. She was worried that they would create loud noise.

As expected, seeing their captain being beaten like this, those nine people’s heart weren’t willing.

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