DKC – Chapter 910

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Chapter 910 – Moment of life or death (8)

That Jia teammate, this lady will surely remember you!

Su Luo gloomily glared at that teammate whose brain was clearly lacking, and tightly followed along the tree to retreat backwards.

Su Luo was already at the end of the team. When they were resting, she deliberately picked a hidden place and gave herself a opportunity to retreat at anytime.

Now, after hearing the captain commanded everyone to take off their scarf for inspection. Su Luo was helpless, and could only slowly retreat backwards.

However, before she could retreat very far, and was discovered by a sharp eyed person.

“Number twenty, where did you go?” Number nineteen, in front of Su Luo, turned around and discovered the person had disappeared. When he lifted his eyes again, he discovered he had run very far.

This sound, like a stone being dropped in a calm mirror-like lake surface, gave rise to ripples.

This fool!

Su Luo wished she could burst open number nineteen’s head.

At this moment, Su Luo couldn’t just laugh if off and say I’ll come here now okay?

Su Luo turned around and quickly ran forward!

The captain in an instant came back to his senses, momentarily he was extremely excited: “Chase! Quickly give chase!”

Team member Jia touched his chin….Not only had he guessed right, but she was actually in his team? What kind of luck was this?

The Yi teammate in the process of giving chase didn’t forget to tug Jia teammate: “Why are you so stunned? Quickly chase! Master said there will be heavy rewards!”

“Yes!” The teammate Jia came back to his senses from excitement, quickly following his teammate to chase after Su Luo.

This idea was actually mentioned by him, although it blind luck, but he actually encountered it. If he could catch that person, ha ha…. This team member showed a expression of being very proud of himself.

This team had twenty members, filled with the elite of all the troops.

A ball with a push button suddenly appeared in the captain’s hand, suddenly team member Yi said: “Captain, please believe in us, we can do this!”

Teammate Jia also solemnly nodded: “We’ll absolutely chase and capture her. Captain please give us a chance!”

This team had twenty people, ten of them was at the fifth rank, nine people at the sixth rank, and the captain was at the seventh rank. Like this, how could they let the opponent escape?

If they reported this to other teams, then credit certainly would get stolen away.

The captain hesitated a bit, and coldly said: “If you guys can’t catch her, then present me with your heads!”

“Yes, Captain!” All eighteen members solemnly swore by nodding their heads.

The captain looked down at the terrain, secretly deployed a plan, with a wave of his hand, all members immediately scattered into the vast jungle.

At this moment, Su Luo ran very quickly, her speed had increased to the max.

In the forest, one could only see a light shadow flash by like lightning, leaving behind a blur that dazzled a person’s eyes.

Seeing that they didn’t inform the other teams, rather with barely nineteen people come to chased after her. The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a cold smile.

Greed for credit and early promotion, these were things that military fear the most ah.

Up ahead was a corner, Su Luo’s figure quickly entered the forest on the side, rather than running forward.

At this moment, there were ten people following behind Su Luo, including the captain.

Teammate Jia was also in this group, but he was slowest.

Su Luo bend her waist, afterwards hid behind the bush in the jungle.

Nighttime was very dark, so black that one couldn’t see the fingers in front of him.

Just when a person was about to turn the corner and run ahead, Su Luo’s sleeve flung up, and a green vine silently tightened around team member Jia’s neck.

“Ah——” Team member Jia gave a slight sound.

However, because he running at the very last place in the team, the distance between him and the second to last member was several tens of meters away, so——

Team member Jia was pulled back by the green vine, Su Luo flipped over her dagger. Her hands rose and the dagger fell!

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