DKC – Chapter 907

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Chapter 907 – Moment of life or death (5)

Now, from the water surface was less than ten meters.

But Little Sky, still couldn’t locate the eye of the Scan Array.

Nine meters——

Eight meters——

Seven meters——

That Underwater Thunder Wave net rapidly continued to rise——

Wherever the Thunder Wave net was, the underwater creatures would start to crackle with sparks shattering everywhere.

Su Luo strongly believed, the underwater creatures within a two and a half kilometer radius, being pulled in by the Thunder Wave net, would all die.

“Stop——” Little Sky’s voice echoed in Su Luo’s head.

“Here?” Su Luo’s eyes flashed with a touch of hope.

Sure enough, the heavens would not bar her way.

“Uhm, you see that huge whirlpool? Remember, first, you must throw me in the middle of that whirlpool, only then can I destroy this net. However, I can only hold it off for a very short time, about an instant, you must seize this opportunity to fly out of here.” Little Sky was sealed in the stone and couldn’t move about. Only when it came in contact with the stone, then he would activate the stone.

At this moment, the Underwater Thunder Wave net was only three meters away from the water’s surface——

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed, “Okay!”

Su Luo had no time to mull it over and concentrated all her spirit force into her right hand. Afterwards she tightly pinched the little stone, and strongly threw him towards the center of whirlpool up ahead!

The center of the whirlpool was only the size of a fist, but Su Luo’s aimed was very accurate!

One could only hear a “whoosh——” sound echoed, and little stone was tossed in.

Now, the Underwater Thunder Wave net was only one meter away from the water’s surface——

Su Luo could clearly hear and feel the ‘sizzling’ sounds that made her hair stand up straight from the Thunder Wave net.

Su Luo didn’t have time to think more deeply, her body shot towards the center of the whirlpool with lightning fast speed.

As matter stands she had no other choice!

The little stone really didn’t lie.

Su Luo’s body quickly left the eye of the whirlpool. She lifted her head and saw a tree on the side.

Su Luo grabbed the little stone that fell from high up in the air, with her toes on the ground, with a slight use of strength, her body whirled turned around and flew towards that huge tree.

Su Luo used it as a leverage, her body quickly shot forward like lightning——

In the blink of an eye, Su Luo had already shot several hundred meters away.

And at this moment, Fairy Yan Xia floated in mid-air, eyes tightly closed, muttering words in her mouth.

Countless lighting converged around her body, bursting out.

The instant when Su Luo was about to fly out, the entire Thunder Wave net underwater was pulled up by Fairy Yan Xia.

The huge Thunder Wave net from the four corners came together in the center, finally coiled up like a ball, placed horizontally in midair.

The corner of Fairy Yan Xia’s mouth curled up into a sinister and cruel smile.

“Loathsome girl, this time see where you can run to!”

Fairy Yan Xia suddenly opened her eyes, she casually waved her sleeves, that Thunder Wave net then appeared in front of her.

She flung her sleeves once again, the closed Thunder Wave net suddenly opened, like a rolled up carpet spreading out until flat in midair.

The Thunder Wave net was completely empty!

Fairy Yan Xia stared blankly——

Her face originally had a victorious expression, in an instant become overcast like an angry hurricane!

“Is that loathsome girl a loach fish?!!!” How could she slip away!

Fairy Yan Xia was simply about to collapse!

This time, she laid down an inescapable net, mobilized countless subordinates, and she even personally overseen it. Unexpectedly that loathsome girl was still able to escape.

If this matter was to spread out, where would her dignity be? How could she stand amongst them?

“Expand the searching area! Within the twenty five kilometers, seal off everything!” Fairy Yan Xia’s face was malevolent and twisted, her eyes exploded out with a raging inferno.

Time and time again, Su Luo had fled, Fairy Yan Xia was already at the edge of going crazy.

“Loathsome girl, wait until I catch you, I’ll slice you into eight pieces!”

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