DKC – Chapter 906

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Chapter 906 – Moment of life or death (4)

Seeing this, Su Luo silently wiped off her sweat….

In her space, the little divine dragon and Variant Red Acacia Tree were extremely excited. Both rolled up their sleeves, eager for battle with strong intent.

Seeing how there was no battle, they immediately wilted.

Su Luo glanced at them in exasperation: “If you can outsmart the opponent then don’t need to use force. If at that time you attracted the old witch Yan Xia over, even if you had wings you won’t escape, understand?”

The old witch Yan Xia was an expert at the same level as master, not someone she could deal with right now.

However, that old witch’s strength was so strong, why doesn’t she have the dignity of a strong expert? Wasn’t she afraid of losing face?

However Su Luo doesn’t know, with regards to others, Fairy Yan Xia was naturally aloof and high above, with no need to bother with them. But based on Su Luo’s family background from the start, it was foreordained Fairy Yan Xia absolutely wouldn’t let her go.

Su Luo with flying speed ran forward, however she hasn’t ran very for before she suddenly had a dizzy spell.

“What’s going on?” Su Luo exclaimed in astonishment.

“Scan Array.” Little Sky’s leisurely voice carried a trace of gravity came from the little stone, “You’re about to be finished.”

“What’s going on?” Su Luo long shapely eyebrows had a trace of worry.

“Causing such a big movement here but that old witch still didn’t come over, do you know why?” Little Sky had his eyes narrowed.

“Why?” Su Luo also felt it was strange, that old witch clearly was here, but why didn’t she personally make a move?

“That’s because, she is pulling up the net.” Little Sky’s expression was cold as he indifferently stared at Su Luo: “The Underwater Heavenly Thunder Wave, that is a huge net. Once that old witch is sure of your location she can easily pull up the net, and even if you had wings would not be able to escape.”

“…….” Su Luo was tangled!

There was such a thing like this!

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Su Luo thread of worry flashed through her heart.

“Would telling you earlier make any difference? In the end you would still be netted.” Little Sky curled his lips as if this was a foregone conclusion.

At this moment, Su Luo felt like a fish that had was trapped in a sturdy net. Front, back and in all directions there wasn’t a path for her to withdraw.

“That doesn’t mean there completely isn’t a way out.” Little Sky’s eyes flashed, “Bu——””

“But what, hurry up and tell me ah.” That old witch had already started to lift up the net, if she was fished out of the water’s surface, she was certainly done for.

Before, she could still use flowery speech to fool the old witch, but now she had already destroyed her entire underwater palace, how could there be good fruit for her to eat?

It was definitely a dead end for her.

“I’m thinking of ways right now ah….at least you should first find where the eye of the array is.” Little Sky seemed to find a bit hard to say, finally, in order to survive, he had no choice but to mention it, “Continue to run forward, if you see a whirlpool, then stop.”

Right now the Thunder Wave net buried in the mud underwater slowly moved forward and floated up……

Su Luo’s expression changed slightly.

This old witch, really had a great plan.

First she sacrificed the cannon folder, then determined that she was indeed within this area, and afterwards she pull up the Underwater Heavenly Thunder Wave net.

Presumably releasing this net, would consume a lot of her spirit power. Otherwise she wouldn’t let the cannon folder go underwater to look for her first.

Su Luo didn’t have time to think more, her body quickly sprang forward like lightning.

At this moment, Su Luo’s speed had soared to the max and was incredibly fast.

Luckily, she was protected by Nothingness of Space, so her speed wasn’t affected by the water’s drag.

However Su Luo’s complexion still gradually turned pale.

Because she could clearly feel, the underwater electric net was moving more upward and rising speed was getting faster and faster.

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