DKC – Chapter 908

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Chapter 908 – Moment of life or death (6)

Fairy Yan Xia tightly clenched her fists, and very fiercely vowed.

Wherefore would Su Luo have the time to care about Fairy Yan Xia’s vow, right now, she didn’t even have time to run.

Su Luo escaped from the eye of the Scan Array.

Outside of the Scan Array the defense wasn’t so strict. So Su Luo ran westward for five hundred meters without any sign of a killer.

Just when Su Luo was about to take a deep breath.

A person came walked directly towards her.

“7th team, aren’t you guys supposed to be underwater? Why did you run up the shore?” A voice spoke from behind Su Luo.

Su Luo’s heart shook.

F*ck, this old witch Yan Xia’s had an endless number of subordinates that lingers around.

Fortunately she had the foresight to change into the opponent’s uniform.

Otherwise, the sound coming behind her wouldn’t be a voice, but a cold sword.

“Master commanded us to chase in the eastern direction, why are you running to the west?” This man in the same trade patted Su Luo’s shoulder.


No sooner said than done!

Just when his hand was about to touch Su Luo’s shoulder, Su Luo’s two hands formed the complicated seal for Great Dimensional Imprint——


The Great Dimensional Imprint smashed down.

Only now did Su Luo slowly turned around.

At this moment, standing in front of Su Luo was a black-clothed, mysterious killer.

Having gotten smacked by the Great Dimensional Imprint, this time, now his originally clear eyes had turned into hypnotic spiral shaped, his body also started to sway——

“You……are not……7th…..” While he was talking, he secretly clenched his fist.

However, Su Luo so his little movement, and directly chopped down on his right hand.

“Crack——” His bones shattered.

The black-clothed man wanted to shout, but Su Luo was already one step ahead by severing his throat.

The black-clothed man finally fell back and died without closing his eyes.

Su Luo sympathetically looked at him: “Seven my ass, if you hadn’t said anything I really didn’t want to killed you. To be an assassin then be an assassin, but you had to meddle in other people’s business, then this is the consequences.”

Just now, this black-clothed man had tightly clenched his fist, clearly it was odd.

Su Luo opened his hand.

Seeing in his hand, there was a spherical shaped thing.

Squeezed it, it seemed to be very soft.

However, when Su Luo poured in some spirit power. After squeezing until it exploded, it would give rise to a huge sound.

Su Luo threw this thing in her space, then took off this black-clothed killer’s clothes.

Once on the shore, she obviously couldn’t wear the same clothes that she wore underwater.

These black-clothed people on the shore, beside their clothes being black, they also had the black hood and face scarves, with their entire head wrapped up. Only their were revealed eyes.

Therefore, Su Luo’s left panda like eyes were completely covered.

After picking up the body, Su Luo once again ran off westward.

On the way, Su Luo saw countless number black-clothed killers running back and forth.

Some were hidden in dark corners, some were hidden among the lush vegetation of ancient trees, and some were hidden in the mud…..

In summary, everyone were seriously carrying out orders, waiting for highers up’s commands.

Su Luo’s heart was secretly vigilant.

Wasn’t Fairy Yan Xia someone that famous families want to chase and kill openly? Wasn’t she somone on the rewards list? She secretly had such a powerful force?

These assassins wouldn’t stop for even a bit.

The cliff were sheer and narrowed, very difficult to walk.

But Su Luo’s speed was very fast, she jumped and ran between mountains.

She was unlike others, if it was a dead end road, she still had the Variant Red Acacia Tree’s green vine to help her.

A small group appeared ahead.

This team was also heading toward the west.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth curled up into a cunning smile.

She alone was a huge target, but if she followed a team, and have them led the way, she naturally would be safe.

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