DKC – Chapter 905

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Chapter 905 – Moment of Life or Death (3)

Just at this moment, the person on the right narrowed his eyes dangerously, and said to the person on the left: “I feel that something is off about this person……”

The person on the left gave him a meaningful glance.

As a result, these two people increased their speed, silently following behind Su Luo.

At this moment, Su Luo’s heart shivered from cold.

Stemming from her instinct for danger, she knew, those two people had followed her.

But where did the problem occur?

Su Luo merely thought it through once and understood.

Just now, the person on the left had asked her where was the group leader, it was sufficient to say, that the corpse lying in her space, that cannon fodder of a group leader, was not found.

However, when Su Luo left, her speed was very fast, that clearly was not the speed a lowly group member should have.

Therefore, it was hard to avoid the opponents from having suspicions.

However, those two people hadn’t yelled loudly to attract others, so the situation hadn’t deteriorated to that degree.

In fact, Su Luo completely understood the reason behind why those two people didn’t shout out loud to attract others.

Because, the credit for personally catching the person versus giving a warning, was as different as the sky and earth.

Just when these two people approached Su Luo, one from the left side and the other from the right——

It seemed as if Su Luo was completely unaware of the approaching danger, and she still kept the current speed to move forward.

That pair, one from the right and the other on the left’s, mouth hooked into a mocking smile. Afterwards, the pair rushed towards Su Luo——

However, before they even got close to Su Luo.

A small white dragon suddenly appeared next to the the neck of the person on the left. The little dragon opened his mouth that was filled with fierce sharp teeth and directly bit off a huge hole in that person’s throat.

Even if this person wanted to yell for help, he couldn’t. In the end, he could only drop both arms and die with remaining grievances.

At this time, the person on the right also met with an accident.

Just when this person was about to make a move against Su Luo, a sturdy green vine came out of nowhere, and silently approached this person from the back.

Suddenly, the green vine gave a strong tug——

“Whoosh——” A light sound echoed.

This person’s head was wrapped up by the green vine, then tightened strongly.

How powerful was the Variant Red Acacia Tree? Very quickly, this person was strangled to death. The body fell perfectly straight.

Only now did Su Luo turn her head around, faintly smiling: “Want to assassinate this lady? Courage is not small, oh.”

Because she didn’t want others to see any clues, Su Luo decided to also collect these two corpses into her space.

Therefore, her space was really an essential treasure for people who travelled that people would kill for.

However, without waiting for Su Luo to make a move, an accident suddenly occured at this time.

It wasn’t due to these two corpses, rather——

“That loathsome girl is here! Quickly chase!”

A violent yelling sound could be heard coming from a place near Su Luo’s location.

Without waiting for Su Luo’s command, the Variant Red Acacia Tree flung a green vine over. That person forever shut his mouth.

This person obviously bumped into Su Luo while she was committing the previous murder.

“Quickly go!” Su Luo tossed both the little divine dragon and the Variant Red Acacia Tree back into her space. Her figure quickly shot towards the east side.

The road to the west was already blocked, now, she could only go east.

Only, Su Luo already knew, the road to the east was also blocked…..

Just now, the other person’s scream was very useful, in an instant, a countless number of figures quickly shot towards the place Su Luo was at——

But there was also a benefit to this——

“Where is that loathsome girl?” A person that looked like a captain yelled out, stopping Su Luo.

Su Luo originally thought to use one strike to smack him to death, but hearing this sentence……

That’s right, now, her body was disguised with the same outfit as the same party as him.

Su Luo pointed behind her: “She ran in that direction, you go first to give chase. I will go call for the others.”

“Good, quickly go call!” That captain waved his hand, led the group of people behind him and brushed past Su Luo, going in the opposite direction.

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