DKC – Chapter 841

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Chapter 841 – Diamond Ape King (7)

However, what made her eyes go blank from looking was——

When that huge rock was about to drop down on their head!

However, when it was about ten centimeters from Zi Yan and Su Luo’s head, that huge rock fu*cking stopped!

As if something had separated it from them.

Not only this, but that rock seemed to have received a severe attack, one piece was cracked into numerous pieces, and smashed towards Luo Dieyi who was behind them!

Because Luo Dieyi was watching with so much excitement, she forgot to defend. As a result, her delicate-as-jade face got scratched by the rock fragments flying by.


A soft sound echoed, with debris flying by, sprinkling a mist of blood. And Luo Dieyi’s delicate face suddenly had more than a huge area full of deep scars.

“Brother….” The changes in this matter happened too quickly and were too great, Luo Dieyi simply didn’t have the time to react. She unconsciously started to cry and look for her brother.

At this point, Luo Haochen’s heart was very irritated.

The constantly falling rocks had already made him pale, but now, his younger sister kept crying and complaining to him.

Luo Haochen angrily roared at Luo Dieyi: “Shut up! Otherwise, I will leave you behind!”

While speaking, a huge boulder fell down from the sky!

Luo Haochen pulled at Luo Dieyi and they quickly sprang forward.

They dangerously escaped the attack of that boulder.

It wasn’t the first time that Zi Yan had entered the Nothingness of Space.

But the first time, she was pressed under Su Luo’s body, so she couldn’t feel anything.

This time.

Zi Yan had her eyes opened wide in wonder. Her pair of eyes was sparkling and shining: “Isn’t this too amazing, right?”

Compared to Luo family’s desperate struggles, the two of them seemed to be simply taking a leisurely stroll, very leisurely ah.

Luo Haochen was also not blind, on the contrary, his senses were very perceptive.

Seeing how Zi Yan and Su Luo treated those falling rocks as if they were nothing, although he couldn’t understand, it still didn’t hinder his heart from wanting to take advantage of them.

Therefore, Luo Haochen pulled on Luo Dieyi, and hurriedly tried to squeeze her near Zi Yan’s side.

Maybe he felt that like this, those rocks wouldn’t be able to hit them.


No matter what, they couldn’t have known. Su Luo’s Nothingness of Space was just that small, barely able to fit two people in.

Not only wouldn’t Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi get any cheap advantages, instead, because they were at the edge of the Nothingness of Space…..

It was even easier for them to get hit by those rocks!

“Brother, Brother save me! Brother, Brother save me ah!”

Because Luo Haochen had to protect his younger sister, he squeezed her next to Zi Yan’s side. But, who would have known that those rocks would hit Luo Dieyi even worse.

Luo Haochen quickly pulled Luo Dieyi back, but discovered that her entire face and head were covered in bloody grazes. On top of her head, was even a swollen bump the size of a steamed bun.

For a moment, he was simply speechless…..

But Su Luo and Zi Yan’s comfort was only on the surface.

In fact, their hearts were not peaceful at all.

This Diamond Ape King had almost become a spirit, its strength was formidable and terrifying!

If its speed wasn’t a little bit slower, by now, all of them would have been torn into pieces.

The places that the Diamond Ape King passed by, the ground would shatter like spider webs, its power was simply unstoppable!

Because of the falling rocks forming obstacles, Su Luo and other people’s speed were now slower than before.

But the Diamond Ape King’s speed became faster and faster.

Therefore, the gap between them was getting closer and closer.

The last member of the team, who was Luo family’s bodyguard, his feet were unstable, staggering, he almost fell down.

However, not waiting for him to fall down, the Diamond Ape King directly slapped a huge palm towards him.

The bodyguard from Luo family, his head was immediately smacked down into his neck!

His tall body suddenly shortened by a chunk.

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