DKC – Chapter 842

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Chapter 842 – Diamond Ape King (8)

Then, his body slowly fell to the ground.

But the Diamond Ape King still had indissoluble anger, when it took a large stride to sprang forward, one huge foot stepped down——

In an instant, that Luo family’s bodyguard was immediately squashed into a meat patty…..completely couldn’t tell the original features of the body.

Too bloody, too brutal, too monstrous!

Su Luo turned her head around, saw this scene, and her expression immediately changed.

Zi Yan’s face also became somewhat pale…….clearly, she nearly vomited.

“Quickly run!” Su Luo pulled heavily at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan, with a serious expression, nodded her head.

At this moment, the Diamond Ape King was very close to the procession of people. At the end of the procession, the Luo family’s bodyguards who ran the slowest, one after another, was disposed of by the Diamond Ape King.

They died in various horrible fashions, tragic and a shocking sight to behold…..

Didn’t know how much time had passed, up ahead, was still darkness without an end. And this procession actually only had four people remaining.

The people that remained were Su Luo, Zi Yan, Luo Haochen, and Luo Dieyi.

Those Luo family’s bodyguards were all smashed to death by the Diamond Ape King, they didn’t even have the strength to resist.

“Brother…..Brother…..Help me…..sob…sob…”

The Diamond Ape King was already really close to Luo Dieyi.

So close as to be almost within reach!

Luo Dieyi could almost smell the bloody scent on the Diamond Ape King’s body.

At this time, Luo Haochen was already too busy attending to himself.

On his usually icily arrogant and self-confident face, appeared a fine layer of sweat.

However, he didn’t even have the time to wipe it away. He gathered all of his strength to pull Luo Dieyi forward.

Hearing Luo Dieyi’s plaintive crying sounds, Su Luo didn’t feel like gloating, on the contrary, she had a feeling of sympathy with a like-minded person in distress.

After Luo Dieyi was done for, very quickly, it would be their turn…..

No one could escape the Diamond Ape King’s pursuit.

Just at this moment, a trace of light suddenly appeared up ahead.

Su Luo focused her sight and silently listened, and she actually heard the echoing sounds of a waterfall.

Su Luo said to Zi Yan: “Endure! Up ahead is a turn for the better!”

Zi Yan clenched her teeth and nodded her head.

Probably because of Luo Dieyi’s strong survival instinct, she quickly sprang forward, so that the Diamond Ape King couldn’t grab her firmly!

Very quickly, they reached the end of the dark cave.

Up ahead really was a waterfall on top of a cliff.

The overhanging cliff was divided into two parts.

One side was on this end, the other side was at another end.

In the middle, it was separated by a distance of three hundred meters.

Such a great distance, they couldn’t fly, how could they run to the other end?

Behind them, the Diamond Ape King was getting closer, his mouth breaking out in cold, devious laughter.

The Diamond Ape King contemptuously looked at these ant-like humans.

They actually made it work so hard to chase, it decided to dry them into human jerky, and slowly gnaw on them to eat.

Behind there was the Diamond Ape King guarding.

Up front was an overhanging cliff that they couldn’t see the end of.

Presently in front of them was a desperate impasse, with no way out.

“What to do….” A thread of worry flashed through Zi Yan’s eyes.

The Diamond Ape King’s strength was tyrannical, so high as to be unmeasurable. Even if they acted together, they wouldn’t even be able to defend against one of its punches.

Just at this moment, Luo Haochen noiselessly approached Su Luo from behind……

From his sleeves, a thin vine immediately shot towards the opposite part of the overhanging cliff!

“Go die!” Luo Haochen pushed Su Luo towards the Diamond Ape King!

Unfortunately for him, Su Luo had her guard up against Luo Haochen from earlier.

The Nothingness of Space that enveloped her body hadn’t been lifted entirely. So this push by Luo Haochen, was directly placed on the wall of the Nothingness of Space.

It seemed hard, but was also soft at the same time…..What….was this…..

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