DKC – Chapter 840

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Chapter 840 – Diamond Ape King (6)

Because no one knew what was at the cave’s end.

Ultimately, if the path led to a dead end, then being stuck inside this narrowed cave, everyone would die.

Luo Haochen took out a white porcelain bottle from his sleeves, and split one with Luo Dieyi.

Luo Dieyi quickly swallowed it.

Afterwards, the two people’s speed increased rapidly, almost faster than Su Luo and Zi Yan.

Luo Dieyi tauntingly provoked Su Luo: “Want to catch up to us, dream on!”

Zi Yan derided with a sneer: “Isn’t it merely an Advanced Spirit Restoration Pill? Do you think we don’t have it?”

“Pfft——” Luo Dieyi shook that bottle, “We have a whole bottle, how about you two?”

Su Luo was suddenly speechless.

This stupid girl, even now, she was still comparing this?

Su Luo simply flipped one of her hands, suddenly, two bottles of Spirit Restoration Pills appeared in her palm. She tossed one bottle to Zi Yan: “Catch!”

Zi Yan smiled happily, after catching the bottle, she grabbed a handful and tossed it into her mouth.

“You guys!!!” Luo Dieyi’s face was full of rage and one breath was stifled in her chest that wouldn’t go up nor down.

Zi Yan cast her a provoking glance: “We just need to run faster than you guys. Once you guys feed the Diamond Ape King until his stomach is full, then we will be safe. Ha ha ha.”

After hearing those words, Luo Dieyi was so enraged that she gave off smoke.

“Your Spirit Restoration Pills are fakes!” Normal people would never grab a handful at a time, okay? Even one pill would be divided into pieces to be eaten several times.

Zi Yan very generously tossed a pill to Luo Dieyi: “Whether it’s fake or not, you can examine it yourself.”

Luo Dieyi, at one glance, could see that this Advanced Spirit Restoration Pill was clearly better than the ones she had!

“Brother….” This time, the hope of using Zi Yan and Su Luo as sacrificial victims had fallen through.

“Shut up, quickly run!” Luo Haochen was itching to abandon this younger sister who seemed to invite disaster.

Obviously, Zi Yan and Su Luo had already warned them, but this girl still spoke so loudly to the extent of waking up the Diamond Ape King, thus resulting in them being chased to be killed.

Luo Dieyi was angrily rebuked, and her eyes filled with tears. She felt that she had been extremely wronged.

If this was a normal day, naturally, there would be a countless number of people around, pampering and coaxing her. But now, who had the time to bother with her?

Behind them, the Diamond Ape King’s mouth was as thick as a sausage, curved into an ice-cold smile. Its eyes burst out with an scathing murderous aura.

Seeing the humankind ahead speeding up, rage shot out of the Diamond King Ape’s eyes.


From behind, came bursts of sounds.

A bright light suddenly flashed on in the Diamond Ape King’s idiotic mind.

Its finger stabbed forward.

Immediately, the ceiling of the cave burst out with loud crashing sounds. Piece after piece of rocks that were as tall as a person started to fall down non-stop.

The rocks continuously fell down, creating a lot of trouble for Su Luo and Zi Yan who were fleeing.

“Careful!” Seeing a huge piece of rock was about to smash onto Zi Yan’s head, Su Luo instinctively pulled on Zi Yan’s hand.

After just barely avoiding the boulder-sized rock, Zi Yan, with lingering fear, patted her chest, “That was close!”

Su Luo pulled Zi Yan close to her, and launched her Nothingness of Space that could only accommodate two people.

Originally, Luo Dieyi was running at Su Luo and Zi Yan’s back.

Because Nothingness of Space was colorless and transparent, other people simply could not see it.

Therefore, when Luo Dieyi saw a huge rock dropping down vertically towards Zi Yan and Su Luo’s head, and it seemed as if they completely didn’t sense it——

At this moment, Luo Dieyi was simply elated, her eyes and brows were curved, so happy that she almost sang a song.

“Zi Yan, go die, go die. I order you to go die!!!” Luo Dieyi sang this madly with excitement in her heart, and even waved her fist in a cheering gesture.


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