DKC – Chapter 835

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Chapter 835 – Diamond Ape King (1)

After hearing what Su Luo said, the Red Acacia Tree became even more dejected.

To think that it, so majestic with the essence of a millennium old tree, would actually be taken in as a plant spirit pet by a lowly fifth rank. This was simply too humiliating!

The Red Acacia Tree drooped its head, its willow branches nearly hanging down to the ground.

Su Luo patted its head in annoyance and casually placed it into her space.

Who knew that when the originally disappointed Acacia Tree arrived in her space, immediately, its entire body burst out with green light. In a flash, it had been restored, with many branches and luxurious leaves.

Its originally miserable appearance from being maltreated by the little divine dragon immediately changed to look completely new.

“Yi yi yah yah!” The Red Acacia Tree didn’t know how to speak, but that cheerful, lively twisting movement of the willow branches was, without exception, showing its excited mood.

Seeing the endlessly happy Red Acacia Tree inside her space, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a slight smile.

There was no one who could resist the lure of that rich spirit force inside her space.

Even though the Red Acacia tree belonged to the plant system, its requirements for air and soil were even more extreme. To it, the environment inside her space was like paradise.

However, just when it was jubilant and itching to immediately take root, at the same time, the heartless Su Luo tossed it out from her space.

Discovering that it had returned back to its original environment, the Red Acacia Tree was immediately very unhappy. It twisted its willow branches in protest to Su Luo.

“Yi yi yah yah!” Its countless number of willow branches revolved around Su Luo, flying fast in a dance around her, incessantly trying to curry favor with her.

But Su Luo only crossed her arms and proudly turned her head away.

Wasn’t it looking down upon her, this master? Didn’t it only agree reluctantly? Humph, humph. Precisely so, she refused to acknowledge it.

“Yi yi yah yah yi yi yah yah!!!” Seeing Su Luo refuse to acknowledge it, being given the cold shoulder, this plant spirit pet’s heart was truly worried.

Under this anxiety, it raised a willow branch and directly whipped towards Su Luo’s finger!

Before Su Luo had time to even open her eyes, she saw a drop of scarlet blood float out from her finger and fall onto the Red Acacia Tree’s roots.

Just at this time, a sparkling and translucent green radiance appeared between Su Luo and the Red Acacia Tree.

The green light sparkled with a rich spirit force.

Very quickly, a lot of information regarding the Acacia Tree suddenly filled Su Luo’s mind.

“Yi yi yah yah!” Want to go back, want to go back, want to go back!

The Red Acacia Tree rolled about, acting cutely and shamelessly towards Su Luo.

Su Luo helplessly supported her forehead with her hand. She had a premonition that this plant spirit pet that she took in was definitely the same as those two from before – an exotic marvel.

“Fine, but after you enter, you are not allowed to stir up trouble.” Su Luo stiffened her face to instruct it.

If she wasn’t a bit more strict, she was worried that after this thing went in, it would stir up everything and make her space into a complete mess.

Originally, Little Sky and the foolish little dragon were already quarrelling everyday. Then letting this one in, heaven only knows what would happen.

The Red Acacia tree hurriedly nodded, guaranteeing that it would certainly be well-behaved.

Only then did Su Luo wave her hand and return it back into her space.

Once it entered her space, the Red Acacia Tree was like a fish in water, endlessly excited.

From beginning to end, Zi Yan did not speak. She had her mouth open wide all along, foolishly watching this scene before her.

Only until after Su Luo returned the Red Acacia Tree back into her space again, did she wake up with a start.

“This also works?” Zi Yan was so astonished, she nearly bit her own tongue.

“Why won’t it work? Is it very strange?” Su Luo looked at her blankly.

Could it be that everyone didn’t subdue a plant spirit pet in this manner?

“Is it very strange?” Zi Yan bit down on her back molar and stared at Su Luo. She said, stressing each word, “Of course, it’s very strange. How can it not be strange!”

“How is it strange?” Su Luo forced a smile as she rubbed her nose.

Zi Yan asked: “Are you an Apothecary?”

Su Luo nodded her head blankly.

Zi Yan’s expression shone as she asked: “Then, you’re definitely a wood and fire dual system?”

Su Luo nodded her head once more.

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