DKC – Chapter 836

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Chapter 836 – Diamond Ape King (2)

Zi Yan could not help but glare: “You are actually a fire and wood dual system, then how can you not know that the wood system’s plant must be raised from when it is young ah. Raised from when it is just a seed!!!”

Zi Yan’s whole body trembled with agitation: “But you? You were able to force a millennium old Red Acacia Tree into submission! Also, it was with the counterpart crying, shouting, kneeling and begging you to accept it! This f*cking forces people to be way too jealous, really makes a person fall apart! Don’t stop me, I need to hit my head against a wall!”

Su Luo: “……”

She forced a smile and touched her nose, “As to this… maybe because my moral character is rather good?”

“Good your damn little sister, apart from you, who else has such bad moral character and a two-faced heart?” Zi Yan bluntly retorted.

Su Luo spread out her hands: “Lucky people can’t be blocked, you’ll just have to be envious, jealous, and hate it. I can understand.”

Zi Yan forehead tightened.

She was just about to say a couple of sarcastic sentences to Su Luo, but Su Luo raised her hand to stop her.

“What, won’t even let me vent some words from jealousy?” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

Su Luo made a gesture to be quiet: ”Did you hear something?”

Zi Yan, affected by Su Luo’s sudden seriousness, immediately returned to her senses.

This was one of the six forbidden areas in the Dark Forest ah!

Zi Yan held her breath with rapt attention, and sure enough, she heard a strange repetitive sound.


Su Luo looked all around, sure enough, in the neighboring cave, a long tail was exposed.

Su Luo motioned Zi Yan to stay quiet with a hand gesture. Afterwards, they both tiptoed silently closer, their head following the corner to turn out to explore.

With this one look, it nearly made both of them feel dizzy.

What was this thing?

This was a magical beast.

A magical beast that was golden-coloured from head to toe, emitting a strong fiendish aura.

Its shape somewhat resembled a monkey, but its entire body was longer than ten meters. At the top, hung two heads.

At this moment, it laid on its back, facing up with a rising and falling belly, obviously, it was asleep.

“Diamond Ape King!” Zi Yan cried out in surprise, then quickly covered her own mouth, only leaving behind a pair of visibly shocked eyes.

Oh heavens! How could it be the Diamond Ape King? How could her luck be this bad? Momentarily, Zi Yan was on the verge of tears!

“Diamond Ape King?” Su Luo lowered her voice and asked in a whisper.

“You have never heard of the Diamond Ape King? Did you come to the Dark Forest without doing your homework?” Zi Yan speechlessly stared at Su Luo.

“I haven’t been cultivating for that long, besides, most of my time was placed on refining medicine, how can I know this stuff? Since you know, quickly tell me.” Su Luo urged Zi Yan.

Zi Yan waved her hands: “Okay, okay, I’ll tell you, Diamond Apes are a type of variant ape, its body can grow over ten meters, also, the one with two heads is the king of Diamond Apes!”

“Is it strong?” Su Luo asked with a frown.

“Nonsense, the Diamond Ape is at least an eighth rank, but this is their king, what do you think?” While speaking, Zi Yan was also retreating, “Hey, I’m telling you not to get close, let’s hurry and withdraw while it’s still sleeping. If it wakes up, we’re both done for.”

Su Luo could hear from Zi Yan’s words and tone, that the Diamond Ape King was extremely powerful, not something they could deal with right now.

Su Luo’s heart was slightly alarmed.

That’s also right, such a strong Diamond Ape King was not something they could afford to offend. With this in mind, she carried the little divine dragon and retreated out.

However, sometimes, Su Luo’s luck was sincerely bad.

Just when the two of them had tiptoed back about ten steps, suddenly, the crisp sounds of footsteps could be heard coming from outside of the entrance.

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