DKC – Chapter 834

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Chapter 834 – Variant Red Acacia tree (10)

Then, he took out another one.

Yet another one.

Afterwards, he closed the sack at once, indicating that the matter was over.

Su Luo looked at him faintly: “What about the rest?”

Who would have thought, the little divine dragon’s two claws would cover the other glove bag on the side. His face was guarded as he looked at Su Luo.

Looking at Su Luo until she directly patted his head: “Miser.”

Zi Yan’s pair of eyes was bright like the stars, she looked at the little divine dragon with matchless admiration: “What an adorable little dragon.”

While Zi Yan watched admiringly, she also reached out her hand to scratch the softest spot under the little divine dragon’s chin.

This little thing had acted as a dog for too long and had gained a few habits of a dog. He liked it when other people scratched under his chin.

“Where did you get it from?” Zi Yan curiously asked.

“At that time, he voluntarily stuck to me. No matter how I shooed him away, he wouldn’t go.” In all honesty, what Su Luo said were all truthful.

However, Zi Yan did not believe it at all.

She unhappily rolled her eyes at Su Luo: “You just go ahead and keep fabricating it. An arrogant, noble and virtuous member of the dragon race would lose money instead of being paid? And no matter what, you still couldn’t shoo it away?”

Su Luo pointed at the little divine dragon: “Would an arrogant, noble and virtuous member of the dragon race let you play with it like you’re playing with a puppy?” Su Luo indicated at Zi Yan’s action.

“Eh… Sorry, sorry.” Zi Yan only then managed to return to her senses, her heart couldn’t help but jump in fright.

Oh, heavens. Just now, she actually did such an offensive thing to the revered little divine dragon.

The little divine dragon scratched his head and stared at Zi Yan in puzzlement.

Su Luo let out a ‘pffttt’ laughing sound.

Just at this time, out of the corner of her eye, Su Luo suddenly glimpsed the Red Acacia Tree stealthily trying to slip away.

Originally, since she had already obtained the Red Acacia Seeds, so, this Acacia Tree, to her, was already of no use.

But, this was a Variant Acacia Tree, moreover, it was nimble and sharp-witted. Its speed was even faster than hers, this caused her to develop other kinds of thoughts.

“Chase!” Seeing that it wanted to run, Su Luo immediately dodged and rushed forward.

The little divine dragon took a single leap, shooting forward. Very quickly, it flew onto the Red Acacia Tree.

One could only see him bite down, and the Red Acacia Tree very helplessly stayed in place.

The little divine dragon pulled a fine, long branch and carried it on his shoulder, just like an old farmer hefting a plow. He pulled the Red Acacia Tree, unhurriedly walking back.

This little thing… The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly.

Normally, he was adorable and a spoiled ornament of a spirit pet. During times of battle, he was an extraordinarily difficult-to-deal-with fighting spirit pet. Simply made other people extremely envious.

Zi Yan was also not without some envy: “Truly an omnipotent spirit pet… I’ve decided, I also want to find a dragon!”

Su Luo picked up the little divine dragon to carry in her arms, then unhurriedly strolled over to the front of the Red Acacia Tree.

She narrowed her eyes dangerously, the corner of her mouth unhurriedly hooking up: “Right now, I’ll give you the opportunity to pick from two choices. One, be burned and then turn into ash.”

Su Luo offered up a crimson fireball, the light of the flame illuminating the inner room like it was daytime.

The originally aloof Red Acacia Tree saw the color of that fireball, and couldn’t help but to curl up, shivering.

“The second choice is to be my plant spirit pet.” Su Luo’s eyes were electric, staring straight at the Red Acacia Tree, “Pick one out of the two.”

“If you choose the first one, then sway one willow branch; choose the second one, then sway two branches.” Su Luo stared at it icily.

It was rare to encounter a variant plant, if she just released it like that, then it would truly be a pity.

She remembered that Li Yaoyao also had a plant spirit pet.

At that time, she had been bundled up by it and hung in the air. She was also nearly whipped and disfigured by it.

Su Luo had always remembered this hatred and wanted to try to give her a taste of her own medicine.

The Red Acacia Tree hesitated for quite a while and ultimately, swayed two willow branches.

Su Luo gently stroked the willow branches and said, beaming with all smiles: “Don’t feel disheartened. If you want to know, this is the most correct decision you’ve ever made in your life.”

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  1. Iceiceice says:

    Correct, this rare autotroph has now tied itself to the illegitimate daughter of the the goddess of luck so it’s all smooth sailing from now. Congratulations mr tree.

  2. Jacob Carasso says:

    I just had an awesome thought for a xiaxian world.
    (The daughter of the goddess luck comment above made me think of this.)
    What if when reaching immortality/godhood, people had a Greek like Pantheon of gods where everyone had a specialty. (Like goddess of luck) and it would follow a 3000 daos system where there could be only one God of each dao. It would be decided by who has the greatest understanding of that dao, so if some one was trying to take over the position of a god he would be weakening the original god of that dao by splitting the daos power. So the gods would want to hunt down anyone trying to gain understanding in their own dao. But less import and smaller daos would have more people competing for the position because the gods of those dao are weaker and easier to overtake.

    For example the god of pure yang would detect someone gaining understanding in his dao and go to kill him, but it would take a few years before the original god could find him, mainly because there would be many worlds and the detection would be imperfect. Also the larger more powerful daos would take longer to gain enlightenment in, the newcomer would have the less of a chance to get enlightenment before the original god would detect them.

    This whole system would lead to most people fighting over the smaller daos because it is a safer path to immortality/godhood.

    Ok ramble over.

  3. pandaonthemoon says:

    This is the first story I’ve read in fantasy genre that contain plant spirit. I don’t know why but I feel intense adoration (and pity) for Red Acacia (don’t be bully by the senior brother little dragon, ok ?). By becoming SL’s spirit pet you will receive unlimited access to high-grade celestial spirit water. Awesome for any plant,right?

  4. Eri says:

    Where can I get my own MengMeng??? 😢😢😢

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