DKC – Chapter 833

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Chapter 833 – Variant Red Acacia Tree (9)

There were no less than several tens of paths in the cave, all leading to different places.

From the Red Acacia Tree’s perspective, those humankind won’t find it here, for sure.

However, what the Red Acacia Tree didn’t know was that the foolish little dragon hanging on it was the best guiding lamp.

Having shaken off Luo Haochen, Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance and laughed.

“Luo Haochen this fool, ha ha ha, I’m laughing to death.”

“Yeah, can’t recognize good intentions.” Su Luo laughed and followed with this sentence.

Zi Yan had called out to him to come, but he assumed that they were deliberately misleading him, really an idiot.

“This is the right way, right?” Zi Yan added this sentence to ask.

“Rest assured, as long as the distance is not too far, the little divine dragon and I can sense each other.” Su Luo guaranteed.

Very quickly, Su Luo brought Zi Yan to arrive at the front of the cave,

“Heavens, your family’s little dragon couldn’t have run inside here, right?” Zi Yan, seeing the pitch-black cave, had a face full of surprise.

“Why?” Su Luo suddenly got a bad premonition.

“This place… see that vertical stone tablet? This is one of the six forbidden areas for people in the Dark Forest.” Zi Yan swallowed thickly.

“What?” Su Luo’s heart was suddenly alarmed.

That Red Acacia Tree kept running and ran all the way into a forbidden area?

“What now?” Zi Yan spread out her hands.

Su Luo frowned.

She had a rare connection with the little divine dragon that’s hard to find, but they couldn’t communicate directly. If she didn’t go in, she had no way of knowing whether the little divine dragon was in danger or not.

“You stay here, I’ll go in.” Su Luo firmly instructed.

“Since we’re friends, naturally, we’ll advance and retreat together. I’ll go in with you, it’s good to have somebody covering your back.” Zi Yan said with a calm expression.

Noticing the corner of Su Luo’s eyes raise slightly, Zi Yan hurriedly explained: “I’m not returning any favors, you should be clear about that!”

Su Luo realized that Zi Yan, this girl, especially feared owing people a favor.

She nodded her head: “Okay, let’s go.”

Although they were chatting and laughing, they both had already become guarded, and entered in a state of alertness.

One person in the front, and one in the back.

They cautiously entered deeper into the cave, step by step.

Because of the connection between Su Luo and the little divine dragon, so every time she chose, it was precisely the correct path to take in this labyrinth-like cave.

After walking about two hours, a dim light appeared up ahead.

“Awoo awoo——“ The little divine dragon felt Su Luo’s presence and greeted her from the top of the tree where he sat.

Su Luo walked closer, when she noticed the Red Acadia Tree, she couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

The Red Acacia Tree now seemed to have wilted completely.

The former lush leaves, now, were sparse and slack, the few that were left were utterly dilapidated.

Formerly, it had a daring and energetic spirit, but now, it hung its head, looking crestfallen and dejected.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly and asked the little divine dragon: “What did you do to it?”

How could it look so brutally mistreated?

“Awoo awoo….” It bullied me!

The little divine dragon ran into Su Luo’s embrace, complaining non-stop.

Su Luo was speechless.

In the end, who bullied who?

“Eh, where are the Red Acadia Seeds?” Zi Yan circled that withering Acadia Tree, sizing it up from top to bottom, and discovered that the most important Red Acadia Seeds were gone.

There was a pair of gloves hanging on top of the little divine dragon’s head.

Because the gloves’ string was too long, he had seriously wrapped it around his neck a few times, looking presentable.

And those gloves, the little divine dragon had used them as bags.

The little divine dragon earnestly opened these glove bags, took out one seed and handed it to Su Luo.

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