DKC – Chapter 813

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Chapter 813 – Assassination in the forest (3)

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly and she condensed out a massive fireball in her hand. In the gap of time in-between, she suddenly smashed it towards the black-clothed person!

Like this, the black-clothed person’s sleeve raised, then all the fireballs were extinguished and became ash.

However, this fireball of Su Luo’s was just a pretense to give Zi Yan time to fight.

Even though it was the first time the two people cooperated, they had complete mutual understanding.

When the black-clothed person moved to extinguish the fireball, five ice blades appeared in Zi Yan’s hand and quietly launched towards the space between the black-clothed person’s eyebrows.

The black-clothed person had just finished extinguishing the fireball, and had yet to face the ice blades before they arrived!

At this thrilling time, he endured and dodged the ice blades’ attack!

However, just right at the moment when he dodged the ice blades’ attack, Su Luo had already calculated since long ago where his evading position would be!

The Great Dimensional Imprint had already been condensed out since earlier!

She waited for the moment when the black-clothed person voluntarily moved under the Great Dimensional Imprint——


The Great Dimensional Imprint that was as majestic as a mountain peak immediately smashed down!

The black-clothed person’s expression changed at once.

How could he ever imagine that he, who had victory within his grasp, would be forced into such a difficult situation like this.

The black-clothed person, with a ‘swish’ sound, leapt forward, narrowly evading the danger of being smashed into a meat patty.

However, just right at this electric milliseconds gap!

Since long ago, Zi Yan was holding the double-edged sword and kept watch at the side.

She jumped up vertically, and the long sword tried to behead him from his left shoulder to the right of his abdomen!


There was the sound of clothing disintegrating into pieces, followed by the sound of flesh being cut.

In a flash, a long and narrow wound appeared on the black-clothed person’s body.

Blood spurted out wildly, shocking the eye and astonishing the heart.

However, he merely gave a cold smirk. The long hook in his hand hooked towards Zi Yan’s face!

If she was hooked, the lightest would be disfigurement of beauty, the more serious would be her life!

Unfortunately, the black-clothed person had, all along, underestimated the way Zi Yan would put forth all of her effort.

Unexpectedly, Zi Yan neither dodged nor avoided it, and once again, she thrust her sword forth.


Another cut appeared on the black-clothed person’s chest, and once again brought out a bloody mist!

He was extremely angry in his heart!

Moreover, behind him, Su Luo had once again condensed out countless densely-packed fireballs to shroud his entire body!

The black-clothed person turned around and rushed towards Su Luo!

Since right now, he was unable to defeat the threat of these two loathsome girls, then according to the Thirty-Six Stratagems, escape was the best strategy.

Preserving the green hills and you don’t need to worry about not having firewood to burn.

The black-clothed person considered Su Luo as the weak point he could break through.

However, the pitiful him did not see the smirk Su Luo’s mouth had hooked into.

Just when the black-clothed person was fleeing towards Su Luo, Su Luo’s face showed a panicked expression and moved to the side to get out of the way.

A sneer flashed through the bottom of the black-clothed person’s heart.

Small and weak ants, it’s good that you know to get out of the way!

Just when he brushed past Su Luo——

A strange dagger appeared and sliced in a horizontal line across the black-clothed person’s neck!

The corner of the black-clothed person’s mouth raised into a sneer. Such a slow speed, and she dared to put on such shameful display in front of him?

However, very quickly, his smile stiffened on his face. Furthermore, he would never smile again.

Because, he actually realized, his speed was impaired by a wide margin!

He obviously saw the dagger attacking towards him. He clearly could dodge it, but he discovered that his speed appeared to be in slow motion.

It seemed that in his surroundings, there was an invisible gravity that suppressed his spirit strength!

So, he could only look on helplessly as that dagger, flashing with a cold light, severed his throat.

He looked on helplessly as a hurricane of blood came from his neck.


The black-clothed person, who had his neck artery severed, was unable to take back his momentum and fell forward, head first.

His head knocked against the rock in front of him, unexpectedly smashing the rock into powder.

The black-clothed person turned his body over, and his entire head and face was covered in blood. His entire person looked sinister and frightening.

His breath was like gossamer, but he did not forget to leave some fierce words: “The second master… is also here… he will not… let you guys… off…”

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