DKC – Chapter 812

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Chapter 812 – Assassination in the forest (2)

Thinking up till now, Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly.

As expected, when Zi Yan’s ball of light exploded towards the black-clothed person, when it was just three meters away from his head ——

The Great Dimensional Imprint in the black-clothed person’s hand suddenly exploded towards the ball of light.


There was a very strong violent collision.

For a moment, a powerful energy fluctuated like a huge, roaring wave. Like a raging waves that beat against the shore, tyrannizing in all directions!

Like the ocean’s drag, like sinking earth!

With the place of collision at the center, the ground chapped and split in all directions, looking like a spiderweb!

That Great Dimensional Imprint, with incomparably tyrannical force, broke Zi Yan’s ball of light, and then continued to fly towards Zi Yan with lightning speed!

That incomparably berserk aura, reflected the image of Zi Yan’s firm and unwavering expression.

Even facing death, not a trace of weakness flashed through her eyes!

That pair of eyes, how similar was it to hers in the previous life?

Momentarily, Su Luo didn’t know where the courage came from, and her figure was like electricity as she threw herself towards Zi Yan!

“Go!” At the time when the Great Dimensional Imprint was about to smash down, Su Luo had already used Nothingness of Space to envelop herself since long ago.

And she then pressed Zi Yan down under her body.

The tiny Nothingness of Space was like a formidable defensive net, protecting Su Luo who was wrapped up in it tightly.

The Great Dimensional Imprint smashed down heavily.


A violent sound arose.

The Nothingness of Space shook, started to crack, looking like a spider web, and then suddenly disintegrated.

However, because the force of the impact was offset, so Su Luo merely spat out a mouthful of blood. The condition of her injury was not serious.

Zi Yan made her way out from under Su Luo’s body.

She raised her head and saw Su Luo’s head and face covered in dirt, and she couldn’t help but gave a dark scoff: “I certainly did not ask you to save me!”

At this time, she still wants to say this? Could this woman even clearly distinguish the important things from the less important?

Su Luo unhappily rolled her eyes at her: “Don’t forget to repay the favor. I understand this is not the place to repay the favor.”

Only with this did Zi Yan nod with a clear conscience.

And at this moment, a huge shadow enveloped them.

The two of them raised their heads and saw the black-clothed person’s pair of evasive eyes with a ridiculing and cynical sneer.

“Death is near at hand and you’re still talking so much nonsense. Slowly pay back your debt of gratitude when you’ve reached the underworld.”

The black-clothed person stood with his head high. His gaze was deeply cold, with a chilling aura of death.

“All I did was just steal one of your cups, there is no need to eradicate us!” Zi Yan darkly crooned.

The black-clothed person’s gaze was very terrifyingly gloomy and cold.

“Is that an ordinary cup?” The black-clothed person grinded his teeth, stressing each word.

Su Luo was inevitably curious: “What cup?” That deserved so many black-clothed assassins to pursue and eliminate her?

Zi Yan said in annoyance: “Have you heard of the Jade Lake’s Li family’s Jade Lake Celestial Spirit Water? It’s the cup that can exude Celestial Spirit Water.”

“Oh.” Su Luo really had heard of it before.

Previously, when Li Yaoyao had schemed for Su Jingyu to be poisoned, wasn’t it precisely to force her to go beg the Li family for Celestial Spirit Water?

“Then that means he is…” Su Luo pointed at the black-clothed person before her eyes.

Zi Yan scoffed darkly: “The Jade Lake’s Li family’s lackey.”

“Jade Lake’s Li family’s lackey…” Su Luo muttered to herself.

Jade Lake’s Li family’s lackey actually knew the Great Dimensional Imprint? This was truly strange.

However, since long ago, Su Luo had already formed an extreme animosity towards Jade Lake’s Li family. So, hearing that the person before her eyes was the Li family’s lackey, an intent to kill immediately rose up.

At this moment, one could only see the black-clothed person repeatedly sneer: “Since you’ve already finished talking, then accept death!”

The long hook that the black-clothed person had pulled back into his sleeve suddenly appeared!


The long hook suddenly thrusted towards Su Luo!

Su Luo seemed to be at the fifth rank, but was able to defend against his Great Dimensional Imprint at the peak of seventh rank.

The black-clothed person had some rather restrained fear towards Su Luo, so from the beginning, he wanted to test Su Luo’s limits.

Using her quick speed, Su Luo’s forte, she dodged past it in a split second.

When Su Luo was evading, Zi Yan rushed up to welcome his attack without the slightest hesitation. In a split second, she was once again in a battle with the black-clothed person.

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  1. SUNOFA says:

    How come everybody all of a sudden can sense which martial rank Su Luo’s at? I thought her space element made seeing her strength much more difficult…

    • June says:

      only people who are way higher in rank than Su Luo can sense her rank….

      • Roswara says:

        I thought it should be the reverse. The higher rank cannot sense the lower rank. But the lower rank can sense the higher rank. It’s quite unique, different from other novels, that’s why I remember. This revelation is when SL surprise everyone with her rank. I think when she has bet with crown prince in that island which appear once in 100 years. But CMIIW.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well she was a lot weakef back whrn people couldnt tell her rank, she was the third rank.the space element hides her spirit powers, so it seems like she doesnt have any. My guess is that noe that shes stronger her spirit powers overcame the space element and now others can sense it.

  2. admiralen says:

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    Extinct my ass

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      The royal families was the founding father of the family…that was a long time ago… Space mage is rare and Grandmaster Rong Yun is not from this world and neither is Su Luo’s body… So this is the first space mage in this world

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      Well theyre all dead. Theyre was probably a time when space mages werent rare

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