DKC – Chapter 814

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Chapter 814 – Assassination in the forest (4)

Second Master? Su Luo recalled what Zi Yan said before and couldn’t help but ask: “This second master of yours, could you be referring to Li Yaoxiang?”

“Great….courage….dare….to directly….call…Second Master….by…given name….” The black-clothed person bit down on his teeth tightly, the veins on his forehead bursting out.

Having heard what was said, Su Luo started to smile.

She squatted down in front of the black-clothed person, looking down at him from above with a smile that was as crafty as a fox’s.

“You should rest assured, your family’s second master is already waiting for you in the underworld since long ago. You guys go down and have a good chat.”

Having heard what was said, the black-clothed person’s complexion immediately became deathly pale: “You…you….killed…”

“That’s right, your family’s second master was killed by me. A pity your Jade Lake’s Li family will never know. I forgot to tell you. Your family’s second master’s way of death is the exact same as yours. Once you guys go down there, definitely will have a common topic to talk about.”

Su Luo smiled happily as she started a few fires on his body.

The light of the flame reflected on her face, illuminated the high spirits on her face.

Senior Brother Ice Cube had admonished before that it was very important to destroy the body and wipe away all traces.

As a result, the black-clothed person, with his throat cut but still breathing, was burned to death by flames while alive.

Seeing Su Luo nimbly light a fire to burn a person alive, Zi Yan sucked in a deep breath of air and cast a glance at Su Luo: “You are really cruel.”

“A person who is cruel to themselves is what’s really called cruel.” Su Luo patted her shoulder, “How about it, still painful?”

“Ssss——” Having been hit on the mark by Su Luo’s pat, Zi Yan was in so much pain that she sucked in a cold breath of air.

“You, this woman, not afraid I will die? Pains me to death.” Zi Yan covered her wound, a layer of sweat seeping out from her bright and clean forehead.

“I thought you are a real ironman, don’t feel a bit of pain.” Su Luo snickered, with a lift of her hand, she tossed her two pills, one big one small.

“Small one take it orally, the big one apply externally.”

“It can be regarded that you still have a little conscience.” Zi Yan gave a cold snort. She took the small one orally and pinched the big one into powder and applied it externally.

“It’s not true, right? The result of treating the wound is so good?” Zi Yan lifted her head and looked at Su Luo in amazement.

You ought to know, there weren’t any people that came out from Purgatory City who hadn’t seen the world.

To say nothing of the fact that Zi Yan’s position in Purgatory City was also very high.

“This is…Rebirth of Flesh Pill?” Zi Yan saw her would heal with her naked eyes, then form a scab. When she lifted her head to look at Su Luo, a pleasantly surprised light flashed through her eyes.

“Uh-huh.” Su Luo declined to comment.

“You refined it?” Zi Yan’s normally ancient, deep well-like eyes that had no ripple now had a trace of being moved.

“Do you think it looks like it was me?” Su Luo returned with a question.

“Doesn’t seem like it was you.” Zi Yan said the truth, “If it was really refined by you, Purgatory City would absolutely welcome you.”

“Really?” Su Luo smiled faintly.

Wait until she had fetched the Red Acadia Seeds, and be promoted to Advanced Apothecary. At that time, she would be qualified to try to refine the Rebirth of Flesh Pill.

She still had the Primeval Pill Recipes she inherited from Elder Zi Huo. She would then be able to refine them sheet by sheet.

“You have deep enmity with the Jade Lake’s Li family?” Zi Yan, while looking at the scar, absentmindedly asked.

“The Jade Lake’s Li family, in the future, I will personally exterminate with my own hand.” A firm unwavering determination flashed through Su Luo’s eyes that were as resplendent as the stars.

The hatred with the Jade Lake’s Li family was as deep as the ocean. In this lifetime, it would not end if one side didn’t die!

“Then, you killing the black-clothed person was not to save me. It was to take revenge for yourself.” Zi Yan wasted no time in removing herself from being related to this matter.

Su Luo rolled her eyes at her in annoyance: “Who asked you to repay this kindness? Really too much.”

“In any case, I do not owe you.”

“I know, too long-winded. You slowly heal here, I’ll leave first.” Saying this, Su Luo got up and walked away.

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