DKC – Chapter 811

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Chapter 811 – Assassination in the forest (1)

Nothing could be done, Su Luo, who had been played, could only throw that map into her space. Wait until she returned, she would definitely calculate this debt with Master.

Now, for she who was lost, the most important thing was to find a way out.

Just at this moment, Su Luo’s earlobe moved slightly.

“Senior Brother, there seems to be the sound of fighting up ahead.” Su Luo’s eyes momentarily shone, just like a cat that had stolen a fish.

In fact, because of Zi Yu’s cultivation, he had heard it earlier.

Only, he still held fast to the principle of showing no concern until giving Su Luo a hand in a life-and-death crisis situation. Therefore, he definitely wouldn’t utter a word to warn her.

Having heard what was said, he only nodded briefly.

Su Luo was already used to his indifference, she shrugged and walked together with him towards the fight.

Zi Yu’s figure had already disappeared, Su Luo had gotten used to it long ago and was no longer surprised by it.

She bent her body and hid in the lush underbrush. Through the foliage, she observed the two people fighting up ahead.

With only one glance, Su Luo’s brows immediately knotted slightly.

Because she discovered, one of the people fighting in front of her, she had briefly met by fate.

Purgatory City’s young woman with a brash personality Zi Yan.

Her opponent, Su Luo was also very familiar with.

Because along this journey, she had already seen no less than three similar corpses.

Black clothes, black head covering, whole body shrouded in the dark secrecy of an assassin.


The battle between the two people was very intense.

Zi Yan held a bloodthirsty cold sword, that glittered like frost and snow.

The long hook in the hands of the person dressed in black was sharp and threatening

The person dressed in black evidently had a higher cultivation than Zi Yan. His hook had an incomparably destructive strength, as if it could conquer every obstacle.

It hooked over from the side, and a deep cut was slashed onto Zi Yan’s right arm. Blood droplets flew out, and the dark red blood immediately dyed her sleeves red.

Zi Yan’s complexion was calm as water, as if that cut didn’t affect her at all.

The long sword in her hand returned a thrust, fiercely attacking as if she completely lacked any regard for her life.

Being fierce to others was not frightening, but people who were fierce to themselves were scary.

Zi Yan seemed pretty and sweet, but when she gave her all, she would exert all her strength.

A bloodthirsty cold light flashed through the dark eyes of the black-clothed person.


The two people’s swords crossed in mid-air. Sparks flew in all directions and it flickered with golden light, but it was also filled with a cold, murderous aura.

The two people criss-crossed and passed each other, separating to stand on two different sides.

In this exchange, Zi Yan was cut by the hook again in the stomach, with blood flying in all directions.

If it weren’t for the fact that she dodged faster, frighteningly, her five viscera and six bowls would have immediately separated from her body.

Zi Yan’s appearance was cold and solemn, long hair dancing in disarray. Momentarily, her imposing manner was heroic.

She put away the long sword and her finger slowly rotated around, making an incomparably complicated seal.

Very quickly, a dazzling ball of light appeared in her hand.

The ball of light seemed to contain the endless strength of heaven and earth. It issued an extremely terrifying aura and gave off an oppressive feeling.


A frightening movement like a gigantic wave, and incomparably strong, shot towards the black-clothed person.

The ball of light was tumultuous, impossible to block!

A terrifying expression flashed through the black-clothed person’s eyes.

He also put away his long hook, both hands unhurriedly streaking across. Very quickly, his entire body gave of a huge, terrifying aura.

Above his head, a huge handprint that covered the sky appeared.

The kind of aura that could rend a person’s soul, giving people a terrifying suffocating feeling. Simply made people unable to breathe.

“The Great Dimensional Imprint?” Su Luo was bent over, and an astonished expression flashed through her eyes.

Yes, that’s right!

This black-clothed person, before her, what he used was the Great Dimensional Imprint!

That endless, grand and domineering aura, would even make a person’s soul be deeply afraid.

This Great Dimensional Imprint, compared to hers, was much more formidable.

Then, this was something that that young woman Zi Yan would never be able to block.

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  1. Admiralen says:

    “Space mages are extinct”
    Meets them constantly…

    • SUNOFA says:

      Almost extinct. And this is the second one she’s met, making it 3 space mages including her. That’s still not a lot…

    • pieceofsummer says:

      Does one need to be a space mage to use Great Dimensional Imprint? LuoLuo used it all the time, and nobody suspected her to be one.
      As a space mage, she fused it with her Nothingness of Space, but it was never said the man in black can do the same, he’s only said to use the imprint.

      • June says:

        I think the Dimensional Imprint is only for Space mage. Remember the book to teach one to use Space mage is even rarer than Space mages. So that guy may not have progressed to Nothingness of space because of lack of books.

      • admiralen says:

        Notice the name dude
        Great DIMENSIONAL imprint, thats all about space

    • Hierarch says:

      I don’t think you have to be a Space Mage to use the Great Dimensional techniques. It’s just that the techniques themselves are rare.

      From chapter 294:

      “Could it be that handprint from just a moment ago was the great Dimensional Imprint? It shouldn’t be, the great Dimensional Imprint teachings had already vanished from this world. Even he had merely heard about it and had never really seen it before, how could this loathsome youngster possibly know it?”

    • WirlWind says:

      I think the trouble is with people’s understanding of the word ‘extinct’.

      If humans declare something extinct, it doesn’t always mean there are literally NONE of them alive anywhere on the planet, it just means that it has been a long time since anyone saw one and they assume the species to be wiped out.

      It’s not like it’s confirmed by searching every single spot on Earth, so humans can be wrong 😉

      Even today, scientists still occasionally stumble across a species that was thought to be extinct, hiding away in some hidden forest ruin or whatever.

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  4. Nanika says:

    Thanks for the chapters!!!💕💕💕

    PS: so if SL is a goddess then her mom is also a goddess… is she really the illegitimate daughter of the goddess of fortune as BY and the others always says???!!!😲😲😲

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