DKC – Chapter 786

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Chapter 786 – Dumbstruck (1)

Zi Ran looked at Su Luo in shock, while Su Luo looked at him as if this was normal.

“As expected, constantly comparing yourself to others will anger yourself to death.” Zi Ran waved his hand, scattering the still-hadn’t-emerged envy, hate and jealousy from his mind.

Since Su Luo already didn’t need to study this subject, then we’ll directly jump to the next course.

The next subject was to learn how to condense out and control the fire element.

However, when Su Luo shot out the flame she used especially to refine drugs, Zi Ran once again nearly collapsed.

When refining a medicinal pellet, the higher the fire element’s grade, naturally, the better the medicinal pellets that were refined out.

However, the flames Su Luo used especially to refine drugs, naturally, was taken from the little divine dragon’s third type of true fire.

Once this third type of true fire came out, Zi Ran finally was directly in awe!

“Little Junior Sister, your flame is…”

Such a rich and pure flame, even though he was already an Advanced Apothecary, he still couldn’t condense out something like this.

“Is there a problem with this flame?” Su Luo looked at him with a puzzled and lost expression.

Wasn’t it said that the higher the grade of the flame, the better? The little divine dragon’s flame was so strong that no one could overcome it.

“You wait a moment!” Zi Ran excitedly waved his hand towards Su Luo, then turned around and ran out.

Seeing the always calm and collected Zi Ran trembling and running out, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth curved up into an arc.

This time, Zi Ran returned very quickly.

His forehead was coated in a thin layer of perspiration, his expression somewhat complicated.

Su Luo’s clear and bright eyes looked at him innocently.

Zi Ran wiped away the sweat on his face, pretended to be calm and lightly coughed: “It’s fine, this course of condensing out flame doesn’t need to be taken.”

“Oh.” Su Luo nodded cleverly and obediently.

Looking at Su Luo’s appearance, Zi Ran almost couldn’t bear it and wanted to go up to rub her head.

Elementary Apothecary ah! She was merely a very small Elementary Apothecary!

However, those difficult problems that would perplex an Advanced Apothecary for a lifetime, to her, it was completely effortless. What kind of Goddamned rhythm was this?

Even if it was Zi Ran, this gentle as jade cultured child, seeing Su Luo, this kind of evildoer, he couldn’t help but want to burst out with some foul language.

“Since you don’t need to learn medicinal herb’s biological activity and condensing out a flame, then——” Zi Ran took a deep breath of air and decided, “Then let’s go select a medicinal cauldron.”

“Medicinal cauldron oh?” Su Luo had a somewhat hesitant expression, her gaze wavered somewhat.

If she told Zi Ran the truth, don’t know if he would become insane from astonishment?

After all, today, with regards to him, he had been shocked enough times.

Zi Ran didn’t know what Su Luo was considering in her heart and thought that she didn’t understand. As a result, he smiled a little: “Master has collected quite a few medicinal cauldrons in the medicine warehouse. Now, let us go immediately to pick one.”

Those few medicinal cauldrons of Master’s were all superb, he had coveted them for many years. But, Master didn’t ever mention to give him one.

Just now, when he went to report the matter of Little Junior Sister’s control of the flame, Master had said to take Little Junior Sister to the warehouse and let her go pick one as she wished.

“Let’s go.” Zi Ran smilingly urged.

Su Luo was just about to go, when an icily arrogant voice sounded in her mind: “Then you don’t want Zi Huo’s medicinal caldron?”

This proud and pampered voice that carried a touch of sticky childish characteristics, was a tone Su Luo was very familiar with.

Only, Su Luo didn’t understand, what’s the difference between Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron and picking a medicinal cauldron right now.

However, when that irritable little brat spoke, he completely didn’t understand what was called courtesy: “Idiot! Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron has stored the images and memories of when Elder Zi Huo was refining medicines! With regards to your refining, it has the result of doing half the work and getting twice the effect.”

Seeing Su Luo remain unmoved, the little brat coldly snorted: “There is very little difference between Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron compared to the medicinal cauldron your teacher is using now. On this continent, you still want to find an even better medicinal cauldron. I’ll gift you with two words: Not, Possible!”

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