DKC – Chapter 785

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Chapter 785 – Cloud Mist Peak (7)

Zi Ran did not believe in ghosts, so he picked up the second stalk, and then picked up the third stalk….

When he had examined those ten stalks of Dragon Saliva Grass once thoroughly, his entire person was dumbfounded.

He foolishly stared at Su Luo, his mouth opened and closed, but he could not speak a word.

Suddenly, he took out ten stalks of Nine Leafed Grass from another small icebox and said to Su Luo: “Can Litte Junior Sister distinguish it again?”

“No problem.” Su Luo agreed very straightforwardly.

Su Luo once again tied the black cloth to cover her eyes.

After she completed this action, Zi Ran had already finished placing the ten stalks of Nine Leafed Grass on the table.

Like before, her ten fingers fluttered about with movements as fast as lightning.

In the mere blink of an eye, Su Luo had neatly arranged the ten stalks of Nine Leafed grass from left to right.

Zi Ran took an astonished glance at Su Luo, afterwards, he bowed his head to differentiate them.

Compared to Su Luo’s quick speed, his speed could be described as a snail’s pace.

Probably after a period equal to burning a stick of incense, he finally completed distinguishing the grass.

Now, his forehead was coated with a layer of fine sweat.

A pair of pitch-black eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo, flickering with rays of excitement.

“Little Junior Sister…in the end, how did you do it?” The always calm Zi Ran, now, his tone carried a vibrato.

Very obviously, just now, he had already confirmed the results.

Su Luo’s pair of eyes looked puzzled, and asked instead: “Could it be that when you pick up a stalk of herb, you can’t sense it’s biological activity?”

“How could it be possible!” Zi Ran stared with both eyes wide open then asked again, “You can really sense it?”

Su Luo, at a loss, nodded her head: “I can sense its grief, its happiness, as well as all kinds of other mood.”

“….” It really was like seeing a ghost while alive!

Zi Ran said to Su Luo: “First, you stay here for a bit!”

Afterwards, he hurriedly pushed open the door of the refining room and quickly left.

Not long after, Zi Ran returned.

At this moment, Zi Ran’s mood had already restored its tranquility. But, his eyes were still flickering with a burning radiance.

“Little Junior Sister’s natural gift is indeed incomparable. Congratulations, congratulations.”

“What did Master say?” Su Luo curiously asked.

“Master said, Junior Sister’s body is a divine one for refining drugs. Among the Apothecaries, there is only one divine body for every ten thousand!” Zi Ran was clearly more excited than Su Luo.

“This kind of divine body, the lowest achievement it can reach is an Elite Apothecary! Junior Sister, you have boundless prospects.” Zi Ran repeatedly congratulated her.

Beautiful Teacher being submerged in such an enigmatic aura, could it be….

“Could it be that Master also has the divine body to refine drugs?” Su Luo blinked her eyes, but in her heart, she was somewhat certain.

Zi Ran recalled the scenes when he was refining drugs with Master.

Often, Master’s fingers would slide across numerous stalks of medicinal herbs. Afterwards, it would seem as if he carelessly picked one to toss into the drug refining furnace.

Before, no matter how much he thought, he couldn’t understand how he could so easily select them.

But now, it seemed that Master absolutely had a divine body for refining drugs.

Zi Ran admiringly stared at Su Luo. Su Luo was stared at by him until her heart was a little scared.

“Little Junior Sister, do you know, just being able to identify a medicinal herbs biological activity. I, your senior brother, had studied a full ten years…Ten years to learn it and finally pass.”

Zi Ran looked at Su Luo, full of grief.

This ten years, she basically didn’t even need to study. By one touch, she would know the high or low level of that stalk’s biological activity.

He recalled when, just now, he went to find Master to report this, Master’s expression was unperturbed. Not a bit of difference could be seen on that tranquil and calm face which was without a single ripple.

Very clearly, Master had known earlier of the matter of Little Junior Sister having a divine body.

It’s no wonder why Master set Li Yaoyao up, allowing her to be snatched away by Fairy Yan Xia.

Afterwards, he then justifiably accepted Little Junior Sister as a disciple.

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