DKC – Chapter 787

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Chapter 787 – Dumbstruck (2)


Su Luo conceded that the little rotten child’s manner of speaking was no good but all the things he said was a fact.

Elder Zi Huo from back then was a Grandmaster level Apothecary. The beautiful teacher right now was also a Grandmaster level Apothecary.

And the recent several hundred years, rumor had it that only the two of them had reached the Grandmaster level as an Apothecary.

Thinking up to here, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up. Her eyes were smiling as she looked at Zi Ran: “Senior Brother, wait.”

“What’s up? Could it be you don’t want a medicinal cauldron? Too late, if you wait for Master to change his mind, it will be too late.”

Su Luo smilingly shook her head: “Please, will Senior Brother evaluate this medicinal cauldron and see how it is.”

One could only see Su Luo wave her hand.

Suddenly, a reddish-purple medicinal cauldron appeared in front of Zi Ran.

However, the first thing after wasn’t Zi Ran going to look at the medicinal cauldron, rather, he had his mouth opened wide as he stared at Su Luo.

“You, you, you actually are…” Zi Ran was shocked that his mind became somewhat stupid: “Space mage? How is this possible!”

According to his knowledge, space mages were very rare on the continent.

Of course, Master was one among them.

“Is it really strange?” Su Luo pretended to be at a loss as she looked at Zi Ran.

Zi Ran gestured with his hand: “I ask you to let me calm down, calm down a bit…”

Originally, he thought she was merely an ordinary little girl. Originally, he had not understood why Master would use every possible means to get rid of the Jade Lake’s fairy, and instead choose this kind of little girl.

Only up till now did he deeply understand Master’s profound plans and foresight of the future.

This little girl, at first glance, was an unremarkable Elementary Apothecary. But, when performing an in-depth investigation, she would cause a person to explode from shock.

The basic quality of her body——the divine body of legend!

Medicinal herb’s biological activity——with one touch, she could differentiate.

Condensed out flame——was actually the highest grade of deep purple color.

In addition, she was also the same as Master, being a space mage.

Su Luo saw him unable to return to his senses for a long time and couldn’t help but tug at his sleeves: “Senior Brother, could you inspect that medicinal cauldron. If it is good, then we don’t need to go and pick one from Master’s collection.”

She would even look down on Master’s medicinal cauldrons? Zi Ran was thinking of reprimanding Su Luo when he glimpsed that medicinal cauldron from the corner of his eyes.

Merely one glance and his entire person was stupefied.

This time, without waiting for Su Luo to urge him, he directly rushed up. Almost his entire person was lying on top of that medicinal cauldron.

That pair of eyes was practically sunk deep into the top of that medicinal cauldron. And would never be pulled out again.

“This medicinal cauldron, this medicinal cauldron….” Zi Ran excitedly touched it once through. Very quickly, he felt out the words on the bottom.

“Zi, Huo….Zi Huo!!!” Immediately, Zi Ran’s pair of eyes were opened wide until they were perfectly round, bursting towards Su Luo: “This medicinal cauldron is the one Elder Zi Huo left behind, Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron, right?”

Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron, that was the divine tool that all of the apothecaries sought under the heavens.

According to accounts, using Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron, the success rate of refining drugs would be raised by twofold.

Elder Zi Huo was the sole Grandmaster level Apothecary back then, he was famously brilliant, afterwards, no one knew any trace of him.

But now, this Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron would so suddenly appear in front of him.

Confronted with Zi Ran’s pair of eyes that was emitting a burning radiant light, full of expectations, Su Luo nodded her head and said: “This is indeed Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron.”

Didn’t know why, even though Beautiful Teacher was very picky with her, but Su Luo trusted him one hundred percent.

To the extent that she also didn’t conceal anything from Zi Ran.

“Elder Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron….Elder Zi Huo…..” Zi Ran had a difficult time covering up the excitement in his heart and mumbled to himself.

If you must know, back then, there was only Elder Zi Huo as a Grandmaster level Apothecary on this continent.

Master had only been promoted in recent few years from Master Apothecary.

“You wait here!” Zi Ran speechlessly took a glance at Su Luo, afterwards, again, he started to run out.

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