DKC – Chapter 784

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Chapter 784 – Cloud Mist Peak (6)

However, what would astonish Zi Ran was far from just this.

With regards to Su Luo, this kind of Elementary Apothecary, Grandmaster Rong Yun simply felt that it was too beneath him to teach her.

Therefore, the heavy duties of instructing a disciple naturally fell upon Zi Ran’s body.

Rather, what shocked Zi Ran was.

Originally, for his first lesson, he wanted to teach Su Luo how to distinguish the biological activity of herbs.

To be able to distinguish the biological activity of medicinal herbs was a knowledge that an Intermediate Apothecary must possess.

Now, ten stalks of Dragon Saliva Grass was arranged in front of them.

Every stalk looked about the same, based on the naked eye, a person simply could not distinguish the biological activity between these herbs.

Zi Ran taught Su Luo a lot of theoretical knowledge on how to differentiate the biological activity among plants. He even demonstrated it for her to see.

Afterwards, he mixed up the ten stalks of grass and said to Su Luo: “Now, let’s switch to you doing it. Arrange these ten stalks of grass based on biological activity from high to low.”

Now, Su Luo gave him a puzzled glance: “Use the method you taught me to differentiate them or use my own methods to differentiate?”

Zi Ran’s face was full of doubt: “You still have a method of your own?”

Wasn’t Little Junior Sister just at the Elementary level? How could an Elementary level Apothecary know how to differentiate the biological activities of the herbs?

Su Luo seriously nodded her head: “Naturally, there is, moreover, the speed is also very fast.”

The method that Zi Ran taught her was to distinguish the herbs through the stem of the leaves and various kinds of vein patterns.

But this way was very complicated.

Zi Ran didn’t believe her and said: “Then let’s see you give it a try.”

The ten stalks of Dragon Saliva Grass in front of her was already demonstrated by Zi Ran on how to order it correctly. Therefore, Zi Ran then mixed up their sequence for Su Luo to try.

Su Luo didn’t even bother to look at the Dragon Saliva Grass on the long table. She even took out a black cloth to cover up her eyes.

Zi Ran was stupefied by Su Luo’s actions.

“What are you going to do?” To select the herb’s biological activity, you bet with your eyesight. But Little Junior Sister had covered her eyes, how was she to tell?

Who would have known that Su Luo would then tie the black cloth at the back of her head. The corner of her mouth lifted into a smile: “Senior Brother Zi Ran, just you watch. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

While Su Luo was speaking, her hand extended towards those ten stalks of Dragon Saliva Grass.

Su Luo had originally thought that everyone was like her, through sensing, able to find out the biological activity of a medicinal herb.

But last time, she asked Apothecary Leng, and afterwards, she discovered that even he couldn’t do it.

Now, Zi Ran also seriously and meticulously taught her how to identify the biological activities of a herb. Only now had she determined that she was the only one who could, through sensing, differentiate the biological activities of a herb.

One could only see that Su Luo had her eyes covered, and with her slender and white hand, touched a stalk of Dragon Saliva Grass.

She just randomly touched them once through, and then picked up the stalks of Dragon Saliva Grass, placing them in the correct position in order.

As a result, very quickly, she arranged those ten stalks of Dragon Saliva Grass in order, from left to right.

Su Luo tore off the black cloth and made a single-handed ‘please inspect’ gesture: “Senior Brother Zi Ran, please examine it.”

Zi Ran and Zi Yu were not Grandmaster Rong Yun’s real disciples. He only had two disciples, and they were Apothecary Leng and Su Luo.

Therefore, in terms of addressing them, Zi Ran and Zi Yu’s name had no ranking.

In fact, Zi Ran had carefully observed Su Luo all along.

After seeing her carelessly selecting and arranging those Dragon Saliva Grass, a forced smile appeared in his eyes.

Sure enough, Little Junior Sister’s age was still young, and liked to joke around. This way of being blindfolded and choosing as she wished, how could she properly select them based on the herbs’ biological activity?

Seeing Su Luo inviting him to examine it over, he forced a laugh but also did not refuse.

He only casually glanced at it and was just about to properly instruct Su Luo once again, to teach her what was called being steady and having a serious nature.

However, just at this moment, a stunned expression flashed through his eyes.

Because, as he started to look from the first stalk on the left, and discovered that it just so happened to be the first one he had selected before, based on biological activity.

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