DKC – Chapter 783

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Chapter 783 – Cloud Mist Peak (5)

Through her face, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s eyes seemed to have crossed over time and space. He seemed to be seeing a past event from a long time ago.

That female, so beautiful like an immortal goddess, wearing a purple dress. Her icy flesh on jade-like bones, with a beautiful complexion that was unmatched under the heavens.

In the pitch-black palace halls, she was cold but still stood there.

In front of her was a man wearing a strange mask, whose entire body was giving off a ruthless and overbearing aura.

“Thump!” A thick and heavy book flew towards this remarkably stunning woman.

“If you want to save him, within three days, know this book by heart!”

The stunning woman picked up that book, determinedly turned around and walked away.

Three days later, as before, she sat in the palace hall that was painted black.

The stunning woman stood composedly as she clearly recited: “…Chinese traditional medicine pellet’s level was always on its usage. Too much could be measured but could not be used. The poisonous medicinal herb Wu Chen….”

Grandmaster Rong Yun was immersed in his memories.

An unprecedented intoxicating tenderness appeared in his normally indifferent pair of eyes.

His pair of eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo motionless.

A touch of doubt appeared in Su Luo’s heart.

Even though Beautiful Teacher was looking at her, but she was very clear, he was seeing another person through her.

Only, who was that person? Capable of making Beautiful Teacher who was unmoved, had no desire, nor sought nothing, to give off such a tender expression on his face?

“…finished reciting.”

Su Luo, who had a dry mouth from reciting, finally gave voice to interrupt his thoughts.

Just standing there, she had stood for the entire morning.

She hadn’t stopped since she started.

For these several hours, she had continuously looped through the matter of her top lip touching her bottom lip.

Grandmaster Rong Yun was startled by Su Luo’s voice, immediately waking up.

The face that had always lacked emotions, now had a thread of startled expression flashing through it.

Immediately, he frowned, staring at Su Luo said: “Finished reciting?”

“Could it be Master didn’t hear it?” Su Luo turned the tables on him for a checkmate.

A touch of embarrassment streaked across Grandmaster Rong Yun’s eyes, only, the speed was very fast, nobody saw it.

Grandmaster Rong Yun picked up the teacup, drank a mouthful, and only then did he say to Su Luo: “To have memorized this book within three days, and to know it by heart so fluently in this world, is not limited to you alone. What do you have to be so conceited about?”

Su Luo surreptitiously shot him a glance.

Where was she being conceited? Why was it that the Beautiful Teacher would be so prejudiced against her?

However, Su Luo was already accustomed to Beautiful Teacher’s temper and didn’t take his criticism to heart.

Clearly today, Grandmaster Rong Yun was not in a good mood. He tossed out a sentence: “Within half a year, you must be promoted to Intermediate Apothecary.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately turned to go.

He only left behind a flabbergasted Su Luo.

With no homework left behind, how could she breakthrough on her own? Was there that many teachers? Wasn’t his role as a teacher too simple?

Just at this moment, Zi Ran smilingly said to Su Luo: “Little Junior Sister follow me, I’ll take you to the refining room.”

Su Luo’s brain whipped back, then asked Zi Ran: “You are also an Apothecary?”

“Merely Master’s medicinal helper and nothing more.” Zi Ran unconcernedly said.

“What level?” Su Luo asked, trying to get to the bottom of things.

“Merely Advance level, nothing more.” Zi Ran smilingly said.


Advance level??

As expected, to serve by Beautiful Teacher’s side, every one of them was not simple.

Even in the capacity of Teacher’s medicinal helper was also an Advanced Apothecary. If he was to walk on this continent, he absolutely would be a target that every powerful family would fall over themselves to fawn upon.

“Let’s go, Little Junior Sister’s natural aptitude is astonishing. Your future accomplishments certainly won’t be ordinary.”

Originally, Zi Ran merely treated Su Luo politely on the surface, but ever since Su Luo showed this skill today, afterwards, he was shaken to a stop.

Able to memorize and recite《Records of Herbal Medicine》from beginning to end. In his lifetime, he had never seen someone do it.

Able to know《Records of Herbal Medicine》by heart and recite it backwards. He reckoned that even in the next lifetime, he might not necessarily see someone do it.

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