DKC – Chapter 766

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Chapter 766 – Cultivation breakthrough (4)

One could only see her dressed in a purple brocade skirt made of muslin, so long that it trailed on the ground. A long, snow-white satin cloth was softly wrapped around her fine jade-like arms. Her long jet-black hair gave off a sparkling and translucent luster.

Her facial features seemed to be finely carved like delicate gems. Her fine jade-like nose was lovable and charming, with lips the colour of which was as bright as oriental cherry blossoms. She was so beautiful, that she could not have been produced locally.

At this time, she looked like the fairy from the ninth heavens, coming down to the mortal world. From high up in the sky, with every step she took, a lotus grew as she slowly descended. Like fireworks, she was like a mist, seemingly made of nothingness but gorgeous!

How beautiful!

When they saw this woman’s appearance, almost everyone inhaled a breath of cold air.

Who was this woman?

Many people were asking this question inside their hearts.

This woman walked over to Grandmaster Rong Yun with graceful movements. Finally, she stood in front of him determinedly. Her facial expression consisted of a smile. That pair of pitch-black and deep, well-like eyes flashed with a trace of cold light.

Seeing the person who had just arrived, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s clean and handsome eyebrows wrinkled slightly, the look in his eyes appearing even more complicated.

“Rong Yun, long time no see.” The corner of the absolutely beautiful woman’s mouth raised with a hint of an enchanting smile that could attract and absorb a person’s soul.

Grandmaster Rong Yun frowned and humphed indifferently: “Fairy Yan Xia, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

Fairy Yan Xia?

Just these three words suddenly frightened everyone so much that their complexions became pale. They lowered their eyes, to make it pleasing to the eyes, and dared not cast half a gaze at her again.

It was Fairy Yan Xia!

At that time, what kind of awe-inspiring character was this?

Legend said that she cruelly murdered her superior, and that she killed people like cutting grass. Once, during one night, she massacred every family in a city.

It was also rumored that she had once stolen many talented children that the ten most powerful families were cultivating, provoking the ten most powerful families to send out the order to kill her.

Even up till now, on the continent’s bounty list, the monetary reward for her was still ranked at number two.

Now, she actually openly appeared in the Eastern Ling Empire, furthermore, in a public place with numerous people.

From Fairy Yan Xia’s face, one could not see any hints from the marks of time.

At this time, she was still as pretty as a young lady. Her skin was like condensed amber, one blow could break it.

Everyone bowed their heads in succession, muttering to themselves inwardly.

Rumour had it that Fairy Yan Xia had loved Grandmaster Rong Yun bitterly for many years. Could it be that the rumour was actually true?

Fairy Yan Xia stood fixedly before Grandmaster Rong Yun. This absolute beauty had on a complexion of being fully occupied. A cold light flashed across that pair of beautiful eyes.

“Rong Yun, is this the personal disciple you want to accept?” Fairy Yan Xia sized Li Yaoyao up from top to bottom.

Li Yaoyao had a thin scarf covering her face. Tender and beautiful, she was faintly discernible and appeared even more quick-witted.

Seeing Li Yaoyao’s appearance, Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes flashed, the corners of her eyes evoking a taunting sneer.

Grandmaster Rong Yun seemed somewhat displeased and lightly humphed: “Is this a place you can come to? Why don’t you hurry up and go.”

“I asked you something, you really want to accept this young girl that’s as delicate as a flower, to be your personal disciple?” On Fairy Yan Xia’s beautiful-as-a-flower face, the smile did not diminish.

Grandmaster Rong Yun frowned, he just remained silent and said nothing.

However, this silence of his, was like tacit agreement in Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes.

She did not bother Grandmaster Rong Yun again and instead turned her head to directly size up Li Yaoyao: “So, it’s you that has been following at Rong Yun’s side for half a year’s time?”

Li Yaoyao felt somewhat nervous inside her heart.

As the one of the ten super influential family and the Jade Lake’s Li family’s little princess, she naturally knew more than other people about things.

Wasn’t Fairy Yan Xia already secretly attacked and killed by the number one highest awarded person on the bounty list? How could she be appearing now?

“Jade Lake’s fairy? Tsk, tsk, tsk——” Spite and disdain appeared in Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes, “I’ll give you a chance now, do you want to withdraw voluntarily or be forced to withdraw?”

“The meaning of Fairy Yan Xia’s words, this person from the younger generation does not understand.” At her back, she had Jade Lake’s Li family as a supporter. Li Yaoyao raised her eyes, neither servilely nor overbearingly. Her expression was calm and collected as she smilingly looked at Fairy Yan Xia.

“Hearing this tone of yours, you don’t intend to withdraw voluntarily?” The corner of Fairy Yan Xia’s mouth hooked up darkly.

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