DKC – Chapter 767

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Chapter 767 – Cultivation breakthrough (5)

“What business is it of the senior when it comes to this young one formally becoming an apprentice? Senior had better go without delay. Otherwise, you may not be able to leave.” Li Yaoyao grit her teeth, pretending to be calm and composed.

If she could be persuaded by Fairy Yan Xia to withdraw with just a few lines, then in the future, what face would she have to stand in this world? How would the common people see her?

Therefore, Li Yaoyao must give a rejection firmly. Even though the corner of Fairy Yan Xia’s mouth had raised up in a strange smile, that gave birth to fear in her heart.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, having not left the mountain for so many years, even a silly little girl could bully this fairy.” Fairy Yan Xia cast a mocking glance at Li Yaoyao, then her gaze met with Grandmaster Rong Yun’s line of sight.

“At that time, what you promised, does it still count?” Fairy Yan Xia unblinkingly looked at Grandmaster Rong Yun.

In the throne room, everyone below the steps were all extremely curious.

They did not dare to meet Fairy Yan Xia’s flamboyant gaze, and also did not dare to look face to face with Grandmaster Rong Yun’s eyes that were remote and deep as an abyss.

However, their lowered eyes were raging with flames for gossip.

Grandmaster Rong Yun and Fairy Yan Xia… Could it be that back then, they really had a love affair?

The promise Grandmaster Rong Yun made to Fairy Yan Xia… What could it be?

But they could not press them and did not dare to make any sound. They could only quietly wait for the gossip to explode.

Only after a long time could the sound of Grandmaster Rong Yun sighing softly be heard.

“Litte Yan, is there a need for you to be like this again?”

Just a little nickname actually made Fairy Yan Xia’s figure shake slightly. When she lifted those eyes again, that pair of eyes, that were like frozen ice, had a trace of melting.

“I just want to be this way, what are you going to do about it!” Seeing Rong Yun’s tensely-knit eyebrows and clearly rather awkward expression on his handsome face, strong evil tendencies streaked across Fairy Yan Xia’s face.

That time, when she confessed her affection to him, he also had this sort of expression.

She simply hated this expression of his.

“Little Yan, is there a need for you to be like this?” Grandmaster Rong Yun sighed, rather conspicuously embarrassed.

“You say it! Does that promise still count or not!”

In front of the person she actually loved, Fairy Yan Xia, who was originally exceedingly correct and indifferent, was also just like an ordinary person.

Grandmaster Rong Yun pondered over it slightly. Clearly, he was having a hard time making a decision. Only after muttering irresolutely to himself with half a promise, he then looked towards Li Yaoyao.

“You are determined to pay your respect to a master?”

Li Yaoyao did not know exactly what drug Grandmaster Rong Yun and Fairy Yan Xia were selling inside their own conversation.

But, for the matter of paying her respect to a master, she was incomparably resolute.

In order to let her pay respect to him as master, what kind of hardships and great price did the Jade Lake’s Li family pay?

As a result, Li Yaoyao took a step forward, bowed and made her salute: “Yes, I, Li Yaoyao, am resolutely determined. I must pay my respect to you as my master.”

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s eyes paused: “You really have thought it through clearly?”

The originally indifferent and refined Grandmaster Rong Yun quite uncharacteristically seemed somewhat long-winded.

This was not something he would characteristically do.

However, although Li Yaoyao felt there was something strange about Grandmaster Rong Yun’s behaviour, but because of being intellectually occupied by the execution of the plan of paying respect to the master, she nodded seriously and said: “Yes!”

“Then, you should kneel down.” Grandmaster Rong Yun sighed slowly and seemed somewhat regretful.

Hearing what was said, Li Yaoyao’s heart was joyful.

After going through untold hardships, Grandmaster Rong Yun finally wanted to accept her as a disciple!

Consequently, Li Yaoyao, who was crying tears of joy, hurriedly kneeled on both knees on the ground. She paid respect, by knocking her head loudly to the ground three times in succession.

However, just after she had finished knocking her head loudly for the third time, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s figure had already moved ten meters away.

In his place, was Fairy Yan Xia’s sinister and smiling complexion!

“Hahaha, Li Yaoyao, hurry up and pay respect to your master!” Fairy Yan Xia smiled darkly as she looked at her sideways. Her eyes were full of evil tendencies.

Confronted with this suddenly occurring great change, Li Yaoyao’s entire person was stupefied.

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  1. mari says:

    i kinda like fairy yan xia, she was like awkwardly cute with rong yun lmao probably will unleash her crazy soon bc that’s how these things work, but!!! so far so good
    thank you~

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