DKC – Chapter 765

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Chapter 765 – Cultivation breakthrough (3)

Su Luo covered her face.

Why was it that this little rotten child would always use that matter to attack her? It was not like she did it on purpose!

Picking it up was her mistake? Clearly, it was he who had rolled to the wrong place.

However…Su Luo knew, that though this little rotten child might have an irascible temper, frequently arrogant and pampered, but there was a lot of stuff he understood. Moreover, looking at his strength, it was quite good.

Considering these stuff, Su Luo decided to be generous and endure it.

Because her space and reality had a one hundred to one relationship, the original five days could be extended to fifty days.

Therefore, Su Luo still had fifty days of time to try really hard.

Wasn’t Li Yaoyao certain that she was dead? Humph, humph, she would stubbornly walk out at the most critical moment, to stand in front of everyone.

She wanted to see, at that time, what kind of expression Li Yaoyao would have.

Su Luo made a fist!

She firmly decided that she would get out within five days.

Su Lu suppressed her strong desire to get out and threw one hundred percent of her energy into cultivating.

Fortunately, she had stored food in her space and the high grade Celestial Spirit water that was much sought after but could only be found serendipitously.

Besides eating and drinking water the rest of the time, Su Luo focused everything to immerse herself in cultivation. She did not slack off even a bit.

One string at a time, she fused the threads. This was a very boring, dry and tedious matter.

But Su Luo was completely calm, and single-heatedly devoted to fusing, cultivating. She didn’t even have the time to sleep.

The same as Su Luo, these few days, Beichen Ying’s strength also had a remarkable improvement.

One was always having an endless stream of fire element being supplied by the spirit stone.

Two was the Celestial Spirit Water Su Luo gave him that was high grade. Even like Beichen Ying, the direct descendant of an influential family, it was also given to him in drops.

With Su Luo, this kind of extravagant use of it as drinking water, even if it was Beichen family’s Elder, he still couldn’t imagine it.

As a result, when Beichen Ying first saw Su Luo hand him a full bottle of Celestial Spirit Water for him to drink. He looked like a child who had never seen the world. He was struck dumb.

Su Luo and Beichen Ying had a congenial relationship, she considered him a good friend and brother. Naturally, she wouldn’t hide it from him anymore, so she smilingly soothed him: “However much high grade Celestial Spirit Water you want to drink, I have it here, therefore, don’t worry about it.”

At that time, Beichen Ying’s sharp eyebrows tightly-knotted, and gravely warned her: “How many people don’t covet this kind of treasure under the heavens? You must never tell other people so casually like this.”

Su Luo smilingly looked at him: “Are you considered other people?”

Beichen Ying stared blankly.

Afterwards, Su Luo laughed, patting him on the shoulder: “You are Nangong’s childhood friend, I trust you.”

Beichen Ying forced a smile as he shook his head. Her trust in him was still because of Nangong.

However, as long as she trusted him, then he would exhaust all his powers to protect her, protect her thoroughly.

This scene changed to outside of the Demon Cave.

The imperial palace in Eastern Ling Empire.

Today was exactly the day that Grandmaster Rong Yun would accept a disciple.

Under thousands of staring eyes, the Jade Lake’s fairy offered up the three Fire Source Stones she got from the Demon Cave.

The Fire Source Stones were marked with Grandmaster Rong Yun’s spirit powers, so it could not be faked.

Grandmaster Rong Yun weighted these three Fire Source Stones in his hand, the depths of his eyes were like an ancient well without a ripple, deep and unfathomable.

He gently stroked the patterns on the Fire Source Stones, quite a while later, he lifted up his head to announce.

However, just at the second he was about to announce that Li Yaoyao would become his disciple, a voice from afar that was coming closer, loudly shouted: “Wait!”

This voice seemed to came from an extremely far place, but it was clearly resounding at the side of everyone’s ears.

Just when everyone was surprised, a figure slowly floated down.

This was an extremely beautiful woman, it seemed that she was no older than twenty years of age.

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