DKC – Chapter 756

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Chapter 756 – News of Su Luo’s death (4)

Su Luo, since you are not my, Su Zian’s, biological daughter, then you shouldn’t enjoy the glory of Su Manor again!

The morning of the second day, Su Zian went to morning court.

This early in the morning, Emperor Jing’s mood was rather complicated.

Because Nangong Liuyun repeatedly warned. Therefore, compared to other people, he know how important a place this loathsome girl occupied in his heart.

This was also the cause of him continuously delaying the betrothal gift originally prepared for the Jade Lake’s Li family.

But now, since that provoking and disagreeable loathsome girl was dead….just died quietly like that….

Emperor Jing didn’t know how to face Nangong Liuyun.

As a result, when he saw Su Zian, Emperor Jing still wanted to say a few words to comfort him. Reward him with a bigger government official position to sit in.

However, he had just opened his mouth: “ Official Su, since Su Luo is already dead, you should….”

Just at this moment, Su Zian stepped forward to submit a report to the emperor: “Reporting to Your Majesty, this humble official has an important writing to present to the emperor.”

“Oh?” Emperor Jing listlessly waved his hand, “Bring the writing over.”

As a result, Su Zian took the roll of paper he had written throughout the night and handed it to the court eunuch to be placed in front of Emperor Jing.

Emperor Jing carelessly picked it up and swept through it, but in a split second, he frowned. A severe expression flashed through his eyes: “What? Su Luo actually is not your, Su Zian’s biological daughter?!”

Once these words were out, immediately, the entire throne room was in an uproar.

Recently, Su Luo’s name was very hot and famous in the imperial capital. Everyone’s praise or censor varied, but everyone knew, Su Luo was Su Manor’s daughter by a concubine.

But now, after the news of Su Luo’s death had spread, Su Zian unexpectedly gave this book-sized written report, saying that Su Luo was not his, Su Zian’s biological daughter?

For a moment, nearly all of the civil and military ministers’ gazes rested on Su Zian’s body.

Under the stares of countless searching gazes, Su Zian took a step forward. He lowered his head and dropped his gaze, but his voice was sharp, loud and clear: “Reporting back to Your Majesty, Su Luo really isn’t my, Su Zian’s, biological daughter. This was all because of an accident at that time that was unexpected.”

As a result, Su Zian told the story of the wet nurse at his concubine’s side and how she stole and exchanged the infant.

Finally, with head high and chest out, in an imposing manner, he majestically said: “Back then, after that wet nurse left, she married the old steward Wang Qi from Liu manor. Therefore, this matter, the third Miss of Liu Manor, Liu Ruohua, also can bear witness to.”

“Guard come, announce for Liu Ruohua.” Emperor Jing frowned and raised his voice to say.

If Su Luo was not Su Zian’s daughter, then who was she? At that time, in the end, who stole and exchanged the infant?

Very quickly, Liu Ruohua arrived. Under the countless pair of eyes that were watching, in the beginning, she was a little apprehensive.

But whenever she recalled Su Luo, her heart would be filled with hatred, as she angrily said: “This official’s daughter can bear witness that the wet nurse back then did speak about this matter.”

“Then, do you know, where is that wet nurse and old Wang Qi now?”

Liu Ruohua’s eyes hung down slightly, her heart was somewhat nervous, and silently could not say it out loud.

Emperor Jing, having heard what was said, couldn’t help but frown slightly.

If there was proof that Su Luo came from unknown origins, after Liuyun came out, he had some words to say, otherwise, how could he face Second Child?

As a result, he slapped the armrest of the dragon chair and coldly said: “You need only worry about saying it, all other things, there is I, the emperor, to take charge of.”

Only now did Liu Ruohua lift her head, her gaze firmly looking at Emperor Jing: “At that time, in a small town outside of Sunset Mountain Range, this official’s daughter revealed this matter to His Highness Prince Jin. Afterwards…afterwards, old Wang Qi and wet nurse disappeared.”

Once Liu Ruohua said these words, everyone was stunned stupid.

The meaning in her words were very clear, His Highness Prince Jing took away old Wang Qi and the wet nurse, whose maiden name was Yang.

It turned out…It turned out His Highness Prince Jin had known since the beginning that Su Luo was not Su Zian’s biological daughter….

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