DKC – Chapter 755

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Chapter 755 – News of Su Luo’s death (3)

Li Yaoxiang smilingly patted Li Yaoyao’s shoulder.

“Really?” Li Yaoyao always felt that her heart was somewhat apprehensive.

“How could this be fake? You think about it, to take you and Su Luo, that loathsome girl, out, no matter who, they would choose you. Only, never expected that the first two rounds, that loathsome girl’s luck was so good, that the whole way she was tied with you. Maybe the Grandmaster’s heart was also very jittery.”

Li Yaoxiang smiled, looking extremely pleased.

Li Aoqiong somewhat upsetly looked at Li Yaoyao.

Since returning and up to now, he continued maintain his silence. He hadn’t said a single word.

Before having been pushed away by Beichen Ying with one move, that kind of humiliation succeeded in trampling and crushing his pride.

Li Yaoyao took notice of the difference in his appearance, smoothed out her lips into a smile and said: “Big Brother, I already helped you to take revenge. Why is it that you are still not happy?”

“Big Brother naturally is happy.” Li Aoqiong smiled a little.

“Big Brother, wait until I pay my respects and enter Grandmaster Rong Yun’s door. Then, I’ll ask Master to help refine medicine. In all likelihood, you will once again return to the summit.” Seeing through to Li Aoqiong’s sadness and depression, Li Yaoyao directly pointed out the key point.

“Yaoyao, are you telling the truth?” Li Aoqiong’s originally dim gaze suddenly shone brightly!

His body’s cultivation was originally ruined by Grandmaster Rong Yun, would he be this kind?

“Rest assured, after five days, I will become the Great Master’s last disciple. What matter could be impossible?” Li Yaoyao was full of confidence.

“Then, Big Brother will depend on you for all of this!” Hearing that he could return to the summit again, Li Aoqiong’s original dark and gloomy complexion immediately was glowing in spirit.

In order to return the favor, Li Aoqiong had an idea.

“Even though Su Luo is dead, but we haven’t seen it with our own eyes. This point is rather regretful.”

Li Yaoyao’s mind suddenly moved: “Does Big Brother have a good idea?”

The corner of Li Aoqiong’s mouth hooked up slightly, perking up into a profoundly mysterious and weird smile: “Do you guys still remember Su Zian? This item foreshadowing things to come is buried for long enough. It’s time to stir it.”

As for Su Zian….A cold smile flashed through Li Yaoyao’s beautiful eyes.

Su Luo, offending me, Li Yaoyao, I want you to, even in death, not have peace! Even dead, I want you to completely fall from grace!

Su Manor.

Night, so quiet as to be frightening.

Inside the study, Su Zian’s complexion became more and more horrible.

Ever since receiving the news of Su Luo’s death, afterwards, his face stayed gloomy. So gloomy that black water nearly dripped out.

Originally, seeing Su Luo’s incomparable potential, he still thought to let the mistake be and take this loathsome girl to be his biological daughter, to act on behalf of Su Manor, propping it up to glory.

But can’t take out in public, was just can’t take out in public. In the final round, she would just die like that!

It didn’t matter that she had died. But it made all of Su Zian’s hopes and expectations come up empty.

This coming up empty, Su Zian couldn’t help but to recall the mournful scene in Su Manor nowadays.

Madam Su was harmed until she lay paralyzed on the bed, mouth couldn’t speak, body couldn’t move. Simply resembling a stick of wood.

Su Jingyu, his only son, was practically the same as Madam.

There was also his Wan’er, whose corpse was torn apart by wild beasts.

Having her limbs cut off and after was unaccounted for was Qing’er. Alone, she ran out and even now hadn’t returned, Xi’er…

Originally, when he saw Su Luo, Su Zian could still console himself. This had nothing to do with Su Luo.

However now, with Su Luo dead, the rage in his heart ignited. And he directly placed all of these charges onto Su Luo’s body.

In the darkness, a person dressed in black quietly arrived.

The dagger once again delivered the letter soundlessly in front of Su Zian, onto his long table!

Su Zian’s heart jumped violently.

When he opened the letter and after inspecting its content, a sinister ray of light flashed through that pair of hawk-like eyes.

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